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We are Storytellers.

PAN partners with brands to craft unique campaigns that captivate your target audience, driving them to measurable actions. And we’re damn good at it.

Discovering Your Brand

Is your brand the industry VIP, looking to launch a new product? Maybe you’re the new kid in school and looking to make a splash. We’ll guide the way. We start every engagement by analyzing the persona that you are truly looking to connect. By using data-driven techniques throughout discovery, our team can take a step back and construct an action-oriented campaign that truly makes an impact on your audience.

Which publications are your persona base most into? Which social networks are they most active on, and what types of content are they consuming while they’re there? Most importantly, where will your audience be next?

Everything we do leads back to your campaign’s success. From the very beginning, our strategy is specifically tailored to be fully aligned with your unique marketing goals.

Execution through Storytelling

How did we get so good? We are about storytelling, through and through. We’re the firm that balances execution and strategy; agile enough to conceptualize and execute our big ideas, but flexible when it comes to integrating seamlessly with your in-house teams, outside vendors and overall marketing plan. We intricately weave together traditional and digital PR to create a compelling narrative that connects with your persona base.

We’re amazing at our jobs, and we have fun doing it. Our teams strategize creative, edgy, targeted and innovative ways of meeting our client’s KPIs. After proper discovery, our plans are attainable and executable from top to bottom due to our enthusiastic and proactive mindset. But we continue to stress accountability across all teams, which makes us your brand’s best friend.

We never become stagnant, and we continue to evolve to create a connection with your customer. We proactively hunt for the next big thing for your audience and bring results right to your team.

Reporting for Duty

It’s the Goldilocks scenario: some agencies are too small to handle your needs; some are too large to care. We are flexible enough to integrate with your partners, but have the insight and skill set to deliver on your marketing KPIs and report them back to you in an action-oriented format.

We keep the conversation going. Not only in our campaigns, but with our clients, too. At any stage in the process, we are nimble enough to assess campaigns, have an open dialog, implement new techniques or even report in real-time, weekly, bi-weekly, quarterly, annually – whenever you need it.

Our analytical approach allows us to provide intelligent content to your audience. We don’t wait for the market to dictate our campaigns, we don’t push cookie-cutter, and we don’t force all of our clients into the same integrated marketing “bucket”. We create unique, innovative experiences guided by insight and analytics that scale you in the right direction.

Read more on PAN's approach to leveraging PR across integrated marketing.

Read more on PAN's approach to leveraging PR across integrated marketing.

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