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Taking US companies into the UK market (and vice-versa) is our bread and butter.

But we also partner with best-of-breed integrated marketing & PR agencies around the world to give your story global reach.

We believe in the power of local on-the-ground expertise, so whether it’s APAC, LATAM or EMEA, we’ll select and onboard the right agency or freelance support for you.

We know managing multiple agencies around the world can put pressure on stretched in-house teams, so we put in place a lead PAN regional hub office that agrees KPIs and manages our local partners – saving you time and ensuring all work is on-message. We can handle all billing centrally and always deliver consistent reporting across markets, using PAN optic.

To discuss your international needs, contact or +44 (0) 20 7924 5656.

International campaigns work best when you have autonomy without anarchy. That means agreeing an impactful global message, but crafting a distinct regional flavour to make it fly in local markets. We’re proud to partner with the world’s best independent agencies who share PAN’s determination to deliver exceptional results and a passion for bringing technology and healthcare stories to life.
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Gareth Thomas
Managing Director, UK | London, UK
NXT Stage Approach

Do you constantly feel challenged by “what’s next” for your brand? Periods of extreme business growth are exciting ⁠— but stressful. What you do during this crucial time could determine whether your brand sinks or swims. Enlist a trusted partner trained in your specific growth journey to help navigate the noise, maintain strategic focus and ensure you’re on the right path to visibility.

Enter: NXT Stage, PAN’s cutting-edge approach to helping brands build roadmaps for sustainable growth and long-term success. With more than 25 years’ experience building brands of all sizes and stages — from scrappy startups to seasoned category leaders — we’re confident we can help you win in the fight to reach wide-spread awareness, major funding milestones and serious business impact.


Hone your messaging, establish a voice with strong points of view, and increase overall brand equity. Partner with PAN to solve your trickiest growth challenges and get a tried-and-true integrated PR strategy, even on an early-stage budget.


Seeing the competitive landscape become cluttered? Surging toward acquisition or IPO? Expanding your product into a more comprehensive solution offering? No matter your next step, scale growth with an integrated marketing and PR strategy that unites disparate channels and disconnected functions around a powerful mission and actionable goals.


Looking to carry out a unified global story across your teams or one rich with results in a targeted demographic? Reach further success by supporting impactful measurement built from integrated campaigns through elevated analytics and insights. We can help you drive a consistent voice across the globe, expand awareness and prove revenue ⁠— all while increasing executive share of voice aligned to global business objectives.

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White Ops



Upskilling platform Degreed is experiencing a surge in global usage.

With our London office acting as the international hub team, we’re helping to share Degreed’s story across the US, UK, LATAM, India and EMEA, drawing on the expertise of our network of global partner agencies.

White Ops is the global leader in bot mitigation, bot prevention, and ad fraud protection.

Following a successful programme in North America, we’re now sharing White Ops’ incredible story across the UK, France and Germany markets, using global threat intelligence reports and local case studies.

Data privacy is one of the most pressing issues globally.

Privitar is at the cutting edge of safe use of data. It enables organizations to extract the maximum value from their data and use it in new ways while putting privacy and people first. Privitar has a London HQ, and multiple US offices, making PAN ideally placed to coordinate its PR programme in an efficient and joined-up way on both sides of the Atlantic.

Payoneer is one of the world’s fastest growing fintech companies.

Payoneer provides online money transfer, cross-border digital payment services and helping customers with working capital. We’re proud to support Payoneer in both the North American and European markets, targeting business customers with a global message, whilst also developing a thought leadership position on the local issues that matter.

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