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NTT DATA: Launching Empowered Work With a Data-First Approach to Media Relations

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NTT DATA: Launching Empowered Work With a Data-First Approach to Media Relations


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An Inside-Out Approach to Media Relations

NTT DATA Services, a digital business and IT services leader, began partnering with PAN for a comprehensive media relations-focused program in late 2019 to elevate its work helping enterprise clients digitally transform. Just a few months later, the pandemic presented new and complex challenges to telling the NTT DATA story. PAN recommended NTT DATA take an inside-out approach to media relations focusing on the future of work. The team worked together to create a unique message about empowering the next generation of workers, which ultimately inspired a full marketing campaign from NTT DATA.

We trust PAN Communications for their strategy and expert direction and our Empowered Work campaign was no different. When they recommended taking a deeper look at the data and trends driving the media landscape, we were all ears. Once the storyline and launch plans based on this approach were in place, we were on the best path and continue to see results – the PAN team’s leadership made all the difference.
Amy Baj | Marketing & Communications Director
The Challenge

Elevating Brand Visibility in a Crowded Market

NTT DATA has always focused on helping its clients through major periods of digital transformation, but when the pandemic hit, its clients needed their help in a new way. As remote and hybrid work became common practice, their clients leaned on NTT DATA to help navigate both from a technology and personnel perspective. At the same time, the media landscape become more complex and crowded than ever before, and NTT DATA needed a new approach to stand out and offer its unique point of view.

The Solution

Creating a Story Around the Future of Work

Taking a data-first approach, PAN conducted an in-depth media audit in late 2020 to understand where the company’s experts could offer expertise in a crowded media landscape of ever-changing topics.

NTT DATA ultimately packaged a set of technology and workplace services offerings to provide to clients as they embark on their own future of work journeys. A large part of the announcement was focused on NTT DATA’s own vision of remote and hybrid work and lessons learned from its own experience.

Thought Leadership

Leading up to the Empowered Work launch, PAN garnered interest from top-tier and trade media focused on how employers can retain and attract top talent and what types of technologies companies should think about implementing to transform for hybrid or remote work environments. When the announcement went live, NTT DATA was positioned in the conversation about the future of work and it included NTT DATA’s new workplace services offerings and a full marketing campaign focused on Empowered Work.

Strategic Media Relations

During the summer of 2021, PAN dug into trending media conversations to help direct where NTT DATA’s solutions and point of view fit into the conversation. This ultimately inspired one of NTT DATA’s marketing campaigns for the year and led to the announcement of Empowered Work. A critical component of this strategy was keeping a constant pulse on the news landscape and working with our NTT DATA spokespeople to quickly respond to trending news events while reporters were working on corresponding stories.

The Impact

A resource & leader on the Future of Work

For FY21, PAN garnered 34 pieces of coverage in publications including Wall Street Journal, Forbes, TechRepublic, and CIO, and has continued to partner with NTT DATA to extend the Empowered Work narrative as an evergreen program. Additionally, this approach has helped NTT DATA become a resource for the Future of Work and helped to uplevel overall media strategy which ultimately led to more media placements for other key messages as well. Since the initial launch, PAN has garnered a total of 34 pieces of coverage on Empowered Work and ended the year with 137 media placements (up 30% from the previous year).

NTT DATA has always focused on helping clients through periods of transition, but following the pandemic, it needed share how it was helping both its own workforce and clients with a new way of working. We worked together to develop and share NTT DATA’s Empowered Work point of view with the media, using a data-first approach to break through to priority targets and gain an increase in placements.
Marki Conway, Vice President at PAN Communications, headshot
Marki Conway
Vice President, Technology | Boston, MA
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