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Elevating brand visibility in a crowded market 

NTT DATA, a digital business and IT services leader, has always focused on helping its clients through major periods of digital transformation, but when the pandemic hit, its clients needed their help in a new way. 

As remote and hybrid work became common practice, their clients leaned on NTT DATA to help navigate both from a technology and personnel perspective. At the same time, the media landscape has become more complex and crowded than ever before, and NTT DATA needed a new approach to stand out and offer its unique point of view. 


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Creating a story around the future of work 

Taking a data-first approach, PAN conducted an in-depth media audit to understand where the company’s experts could offer expertise in a crowded media landscape of ever-changing topics. 

Thought Leadership 

PAN garnered interest from top-tier and trade media, and when the announcement went live, NTT DATA was positioned in the conversation about the future of work. 

Strategic Media Relations 

A critical component of this strategy was keeping a constant pulse on the news landscape and working with our NTT DATA spokespeople to quickly respond to trending news events while reporters were working on corresponding stories. 


A resource & leader on the future of work 

PAN garnered coverage in publications including the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, TechRepublic, and CIO, and has continued to partner with NTT DATA to extend the Empowered Work narrative as an evergreen program. 

Also, this approach has helped NTT DATA become a resource for the Future of Work and uplevel overall media strategy which ultimately led to more media placements for other key messages. 

Since the initial launch, PAN has garnered a total of 34 pieces of coverage on Empowered Work and ended the year with 137 media placements (up 30% from the previous year).