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Quorum: Building a Go-to-Market Strategy at a Demand Unit Level

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Quorum: Building a Go-to-Market Strategy at a Demand Unit Level


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A Mature Marketing Organization Seeking an Integrated Approach

Owned by private equity firm Thoma Bravo, Quorum helps those in the oil and gas industry automate workflows across accounting, well lifecycle management and business intelligence. With a veteran marketing team and a robust marketing operations and measurement infrastructure, they had the people and technology to measure everything. What they needed was an integrated digital go-to-market strategy. They selected PAN as their agency of record for integrated marketing and PR in 2019.

Prospects know Quorum but didn’t know what they could do for them. Our job was to articulate what problems Quorum solves and pull one story through all channels. As a laggard industry, we needed prospects to connect digital transformation with business outcomes fueled by Quorum solutions.
Michele Frost, VP, Integrated Marketing @ PAN Communications, headshot
Michele Frost
Vice President, Integrated Marketing | Boston, MA
The Challenge

As the industry leader, its decades of experience informed project development and solutions engineering. Everyone knows them and the brand. The challenge was moving from general awareness to presenting the business case for digital transformation. Our job was to connect and tell the story in a way that enterprise and SMB prospects saw value without compromise.

The Solution

PAN integrated Quorum’s well-defined traditional go-to-market plan into an always-on digital strategy that addressed companies across the energy value chain.

Messaging and Positioning

PAN built a cohesive messaging story that supported Quorum’s solutions across discrete types of operations. We needed to build awareness that an investment in Quorum means a bottom-line savings. We wanted to connect Quorum with larger business outcomes. It was about moving software from an operations expense to a strategic investment.

Product and Company Launches

For Thoma Bravo, a lot of acquisitions needed to take place in order to think about the energy value chain, data capture, business intelligence, and moving more into insights, business continuity, and efficiency. Through these strategized acquisitions, Quorum can ensure data isn’t siloed, that it’s available on demand, and can be used for economic forecasting and overall business value. PAN handled all of the earned media for these acquisitions. Our job was to shift the company to solutions, not to talk about the software, but to talk about outcomes, digital transformation, and modernization benefits. The goal behind earned media was to talk about productivity, efficiency, and saving dollars per barrel.

Demand Generation

As Quorum acquired companies, PAN supported them with demand generation campaigns. Demand generation focused on content strategies for each member of the demand unit. We were using account-based targeting. Demand gen was multichannel organic and paid, with lots of PPC and display geotargeting. We knew the companies – we needed to find the buyers. With a finite group of prospects, we got in front of the people making the decision.

Measurement and Analytics

The PAN team ensures campaign level metrics are fully integrated into their existing measurement platforms. We analyze results at every stage of the sales cycle to identify top performing content and adjust to the competitive landscape. Measurement reporting included executive level dashboards identifying early indicators of success allowing us to optimize. The sum of all we do is fully integrated into marketing, revenue and sales attribution.

The Impact

Quorum was in market every day, a first for the company

Olivier Thierry, Quorum CMO, onboarded the PAN team with two clear requests for its NXT Stage approach. First, become a seamless extension of the team. Second, ensure all marketing channels leveraged the same go-to-market strategy.

Working with the Quorum team, we focused first on measurement and the marketing technology stack ensuring channels and campaigns would roll up into the marketing attribution and ROI framework. Next we shifted from episodic campaigns around products, features and acquisitions to an always-on approach. Quorum was in market every day, a first for the company.

As Olivier predicted, one team on message would yield strong year-over-year success, even with oil trading at historic record lows.

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