At PAN, we embrace a people-first culture. We are committed to fostering an environment of diversity and inclusivity. A place where every individual has a voice. A team that embraces people of all backgrounds because we believe that bringing together a diverse workforce drives innovation and creativity − as #onePAN.

We Move with Purpose.

Our DEI Goals

Leadership Commitment & Responsibility

We are committed to optimizing our leadership network to show action and improvement in PAN’s DEI journey both internally and externally.

Education, Training & Continuous Learning

We are committed to building a robust formal curriculum starting with the leadership team and expanding into learning requirements for all managers. We will bring DEI programs and learning to all employees, and continue to share stories and experiences.

Open Communication & Engagement

We are committed to establishing a frequent communication cadence for all staff to keep the work of our DEI journey visible.

Belonging, Retention & Recruitment

We will ensure our culture is not only welcoming, but is truly inclusive where everyone has an equal opportunity to build a successful career.

Policies & Practices

We are committed to reviewing all of PAN’s HR, Business and Operational policies and procedures to ensure equity, inclusivity and equal opportunity.

Data, Goals & Reporting

We are committed to establishing short term and long term goals. We will actively track progress and communicate internally and externally.

Bias pervades our lives. At PAN we are dedicated to creating and maintaining a workplace free from it. An environment that accepts, appreciates, and celebrates all facets of our people along every step of their personal and professional journeys. This effort is engrained in the foundational principles that make up PAN’s company culture – one built on respect, inclusion and belonging.

Philip A. Nardone, Jr.
President & Chief Executive Officer | Boston, MA

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