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PAN has found a new home in the City that never sleeps. We’re bringing our love of B2B tech and healthcare to the Big Apple with an eye out for talented individuals who want to help us build our award-winning business and a great, new culture.

I’m often asked what’s the best thing about PAN? It’s the people that show-up every day that give a passionate 110% to their work. In New York you go big or you go home!
                                   – Ryan Wallace, VP & GM



Name: Ryan Wallace
Title: Vice President and General Manager
Fun: Marathons, Skiing, Rowing, Cooking, Travel
Fave NYC Hotspot: Row House


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We love
our team.



Latte time at the center.

Employee to look for

Alex Evans, Account Supervisor
“When you are inspired, everything is possible.”


to our
NYC office.

Bloomberg: Cornell Tech Event

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Why PAN Communications is Taking a Bite out of the Big Apple

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