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Want to make a bigger impact? When you join PAN, you are joining a team of strategic storytellers with over 27+ years of deep expertise who are driven to ignite growth.

As a valued team member, you’ll be on the cutting edge, joining a firm that is agile, human-centered and always forward-thinking. You’ll explore how data moves brands, unlock skillsets that never settle and discover why unique collaboration amongst your colleagues drives the richest stories around. At PAN, your leadership isn’t just a career in communications; it’s a calling—to do what you love, do great work and work with the best in every industry.

Our clients inspire our common purpose, true partners who drive us to create stronger, lucrative and more intimate connections between humans and brands. The result? Coveted user experiences and content that deepens engagement, converts more customers and drives revenue.

Campaigns that Grow Your Career

Blumberg Capital

By Miles



We developed a content initiative after learning Blumberg Capital favors a content-driven approach to communications. We recognized that and matched our PR program to how the firm operates. It was about working together to get these results.

With a brief to promote the benefits of By Miles over traditional car insurance offerings, and to encourage switching, we set about helping drivers to understand why their standard policy isn’t working for them through a hard-working strategic media relations campaign.
Martin McGourty, Associate Director, London
Martin McGourty
Associate Director | London, UK

Radial needed to hire 20K workers in short order, so we developed a strategy to reach prospective employees where they were the most active and likely to respond to targeted ads. Through strategic micro-targeting on Facebook, we were able to drive more applications than any other online channel.

Laura Beauregard, Vice President at PAN Communications, headshot
Laura Beauregard
Vice President
In the last year or so, the team here at PAN has worked with Vericast to up-level the quality of coverage Vericast receives. On top of consistent thought leadership outreach, we regularly conduct research projects that have proven to be valuable to our efforts to reach a more business and top tier audience. PAN’s partnership with Dynata equips us with the tools we need to do so.
Kyle Moschen, Account Executive, Boston, PAN Communications
Kyle Moschen
Senior Account Executive | Virtual Community
Campaigns that Grow Your Career
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Finally – A reason to feel excited to start working on Monday morning.

You spend more time at work in a lifetime than you do anywhere else. Which is why we believe you should love what you do. So we built an agency that respects, protects and celebrates who you are. While no day at PAN is typical, you can expect to be challenged, supported, and accepted. Don’t forget fun surprises, advanced industry knowledge, career development, cocktail hour, team trips to fun places in the city and the opportunity to give back and volunteer in the community.

people-first culture
People-First Culture
promotions from within
Live Your Best Life

Meet the PAN Virtual Community 

We’re one PAN team, no matter where we’re all working from. That’s why we’ve created a people-first team culture that gives all our team members the flexibility and freedom to work wherever works best for them—whether that’s in one of our offices, or fully remote as a member of our Virtual Community. 

By listening to our employees and learning from their insights, we work hard to make sure every PAN employee has the same access to career advancement resources, project opportunities, and benefits. You focus on moving those big ideas, and we’ll make sure you have the team support to make it happen. 


Join The Team From Anywhere 

No “distance bias,” no need to uproot your life—if you’re a good fit for PAN, we want you in our Virtual Community. We’ve developed an inclusive digital onboarding process to help team members get up and running from anywhere, with flexibility to work as a key part of the team from wherever your life takes you. 

Career Growth Has No Borders 

No matter where you’re located, we’re committed to helping you grow professionally and personally. That’s why we foster an environment of continuous learning and development, pairing each employee with a dedicated career coach who will work with you to identify, set, and achieve your goals. 

Many Opportunities, One PAN Team 

Want a reason to feel excited on a Monday morning? No matter where you’re working from, all our Virtual Community members have the same access to career growth resources, projects, travel, and social opportunities. We’ve all got each other’s backs, even when we’re sitting miles apart. 

At PAN, you won’t have to move that mountain alone.

We know you’ve got this. But we also make sure you have a mentor committed to helping you achieve your goals.

Integrated marketing and PR is what we do. Our people are who we are. That’s why we foster an environment of continuous learning and development. As part of the PAN team, you’ll have a road map to success. Your dedicated career coach will work with you to identify and set goals. Your coach is committed to unlocking your strengths and transforming obstacles into opportunities for unprecedented success. Because when one of us wins, everyone wins.

career coaching
Coaching and mentoring is the most rewarding part of my role at PAN. There’s nothing better than helping individuals grow and succeed – and, in the process, continuously challenge myself to become a better manager.
Marki Conway, Vice President at PAN Communications, headshot
Marki Conway
Vice President, Technology | Boston, MA

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