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How Do You Master an Integrated Marketing Measurement Program?

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In order to successfully measure your communication efforts, you need to understand which channels are delivering the most ROI. Measuring successes and failures across the board including PR, content marketing, social media, paid opportunities and digital ads should be a combined effort.

At PAN Communications, we have a clear understanding that alignment between brand goals and measurement tactics continues to be a struggle for today’s modern marketers and CMOs. That’s why we’ve outlined ten essential steps that will make this process easier and more consistent for every reporting juncture.

Don’t get stuck in a silo’d reporting process. Learn how to integrate metrics and KPIs so that your marketing team can successfully accomplish brand awareness and strive to be the No. 1 thought leader in your given industry. By following the above ten steps to integrated marketing and PR measurement you’ll have a clear depiction of what’s truly resonating with your audience. This will guide budgets needed for each given channel and help you accurately report to your C-suite on the ROI of your communication efforts.

If you’re interested in learning more about integrated marketing and PR measurement, download PAN’s eBook: ‘Build a Winning Measurement Strategy from the Ground Up.’ By downloading the report you’ll unlock a more holistic viewpoint when it comes to integrated measurement and you’ll have a clear definition of what it means to align your brand’s goals with what your audience is craving in terms of channel delivery and content.

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