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Giving Thanks in 2022: A Year of Gratitude and Reflection

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Marki ConwayDirector

As an openly queer person, it’s challenging to write this post today as my community is struggling and dealing with the aftermath of a tragedy. I am very grateful for so many things and this life I have built alongside my wife and my family. Still, it is difficult to write this post knowing that our community was so senselessly targeted and attacked just a few days ago at Club Q in Colorado, where an individual opened fire on defenseless people, aiming to kill or harm them. Unfortunately, they succeeded. Our thoughts, prayers and donations go out to the families and loved ones who were victims of this tragedy. 

As I mourn and support my community, I am also grateful. Grateful for my friends and family who love me unconditionally. Grateful for this incredible community I have helped build at PAN over the last 12 years. Incredibly thankful to be loved, accepted and embraced for who I am, and always having the opportunity to bring my whole, authentic self to the workplace. That experience cannot be measured. But it is incredibly important.  

Every year, I write this post mostly for my colleagues to enjoy. I like to have fun with it, so if you’ve followed along, you may have noticed a few jokes here and there. This year is no different. So please, enjoy our messages of gratitude, laugh along with our jokes, and most of all — have a beautiful and happy Thanksgiving.  — Marki Conway, Vice President, Boston

What are PAN employees are grateful for in 2022?

A crucial balance

“Thankful that 2+ years later we are still growing and have learned how to embrace a HyFlex workforce! It’s here to stay.” Philip A. Nardone, President & CEO 

“This year, I’m thankful for our ‘hybrid-flex’ work policy, which allows me to split time between New York City and our awesome office/team there while also building in regular trips back to my hometown where I get to spend quality time with my family while working remotely. It’s the perfect professional balance for me at this stage in my life.” — Brandon Thomas, VP, NY General Manager, and Head of DEI   

“I’m thankful for the opportunity to begin my career at PAN in January of 2022 and the subsequent months to follow that have allowed for growth, flexibility, critical thinking, brainstorming, laughs, mentorship, and creativity along the way. Thanks to PAN I’ve had the best professional year of my life paired with one of the most balanced, busy, and fulfilling personal years as well.” — Alyssa Molino, Account Supervisor, Virtual  

“This year, I am so thankful for PAN’s virtual work environment. Being able to make a full cross-country move and still keep my same job has been the biggest blessing in my life. Not only do I get to work virtually, but PAN still makes me feel like a part of the team with the way they have virtual work fully integrated into the organizational process.” — Marin Fulton, Senior Account Executive, Virtual 

“I’m thankful for PAN’s HyFlex policy and PAN Virtual, which has allowed me to move back home to Michigan to be near family. I’m also thankful for my dog, Hilda, who brings joy to the PAN #PUPDATES Teams channel and to my life daily.” — Jessica Knight, Account Executive, PAN Virtual 

Our families

“Grateful for the good health of family and friends and our newest addition, Chapin.” — Elizabeth Famiglietti, Chief People & Culture Officer 

“Beyond thankful I got to marry my best friend this year! Happy to also have a workplace in PAN that allows me the flexibility to enjoy everything else this year has had to offer” — Jess Tasman, Senior Account Executive, Virtual/Orlando   

“Thankful for the burger at Mare, Marki being my BFF, and of course – my beautiful daughter Eleanor. So excited to be moving to the burbs this year so she can have a beautiful backyard to run around in!” — Kathryn McMahon Arrigg, Vice President, Andover  

“I’m thankful for freedom of self-expression, health, loving family, and our new house!” — Eric Chapman, Executive Assistant, Boston 

“I’m thankful for the newly-established game night Thursdays with my family, where I have the opportunity to rub ALL my wins in their faces.” — Kiah Anderson, Assistant Account Executive, Virtual (Michigan)  

“I’m so thankful for being able to travel again so my family can visit amazing places and learn about cool new things like the massive Saguro cactuses in AZ!” — Juliana Allen, Executive Vice President, Boston 

Each other

“I’m thankful for my amazing account teams that constantly lift me up, provide me with great learning opportunities and work with me every day to help me learn the ins-and-outs of the PR biz  (special shoutout to the BEST dedicated out there, Kelli Fletcher! )” — Kiah Anderson, Assistant Account Executive, Virtual (Michigan) 

“I’m thankful for all the PAN colleagues I’ve gotten to know over the years — energetic, helpful colleagues who are always willing to brainstorm, pitch in on a project, answer an oddball question or just riff on non-work topics. Especially Marki, who always reminds me following format is critical.” — Michael O’Connell, Director, Boston 

“Very grateful for all my amazing teams and the work done this year, we’ve done great things across accounts! Especially grateful for my supervisors Jess S., Daysi, Gabby, Natasha and Kirsten you ladies keep these ships running and I am so thankful for your hard work! … OH, and also Marki Conway.” — Laura Beauregard, Director, Orlando 

“I’m immensely grateful for the smart and kind people I work with at PAN. I’m also grateful to work in a role in which I’m constantly learning new things. Lastly, shout out to my dedicateds (Judy, Travis and Hannah) — you’re a joy to work with 1:1. Thanks for making my first year as a dedicated manager a great one.” — Abbey Clark, Senior Media Manager, Boston 

“I’m grateful for our unlimited PTO. This benefit has allowed me to take the days I respectfully need to cure my post-pandemic travel bug. Of course, I’m even more grateful for the team members that are able to cover me while I’m away and make this benefit run seamlessly. You are all the best!” — Kyle Moschen, Senior Account Executive, Virtual/Seattle 

“Grateful that most people don’t even know my real name because everyone just calls me AWJ. It’s Ashley Wallace Jones, by the way. Or BTW, as they say.” — AWJ, Vice President, Boston 

“Thankful that I got to experience the one and only Sissy K’s during the PAN retreat, danced the night away with my PAN fam, and got to witness my dedicated (Joel) breathtaking karaoke performance ? .” — Thania Menjivar, Assistant Account Executive, PAN Virtual/Texas 

“This year, I continue to be thankful for all my colleagues that challenge and inspire me to be more creative! Special shout out to my pals in PAN’s Book Club and follow lower level dwellers. Another special shoutout to Marki, who never forgets to correct format when needed.” — Vito Gallo, Account Supervisor, NYC 

 “I’m so thankful for my PAN fam! Especially my beautiful group of gals that support me day in, day out  ” — Kiah Anderson, Assistant Account Executive, Virtual (Michigan)  

“Grateful doesn’t quite do it justice, but I am grateful, thankful and in permanent awe of the team of people we’ve cultivated here at PAN. It’s an honor and privilege to be part of this creative and innovative group!” — Dina Magdovitz, Account Supervisor, Orlando 

Some of everything

 “I’m thankful for a career and teams that stretch and teach me daily. And, more than anything, for my kiddos, who make me feel special and add levity to my life every day.” — Megan Kessler, Executive Vice President, Boston 

“I am incredibly grateful for what has been the most exciting, amazing, and (at times) challenging year of my life. I had my baby girl in April, and she’s the happiest child in the entire universe. Then I got promoted to VP in October, allowing me to stretch in new ways with a team I love. Personally and professionally this has been a wild year and I’m so thankful to everyone who has supported me along the way! And as always, incredibly grateful for Marki who always reminds me that following directions matter.” — Ashley Waters, Vice President, Virtual 

“I’m incredibly thankful for my amazing PAN teams and dedicated crew — here for this talent! — and The Lower Level chat that saves my sanity multiple times a day. And, of course, I’m thankful for the two healthy, happy, wonderfully exhausting little girls who call me mama.” — LeeAnn Coviello, Senior Account Supervisor, Boston/Virtual

“This year I’m thankful for a new apartment and new town, my supportive boyfriend, family and friends, and the sheer existence of animals. Also super thankful and excited to be flying my brother in from Arizona to surprise my dad for Thanksgiving this year! Professionally, I’m thankful for everything I’ve learned since coming to PAN, all of the skills I’ve developed and sharpened, and most of all for the mentors I’ve found here who have helped and guided me!” — McKenzie Cloutier, Account Supervisor, Pennsylvania/PAN Virtual 

“I’m thankful for hybrid work, and the ability to bring my best and full self to my teams and to my family.” — Matthew Briggs, Senior Vice President Healthcare/Content, Boston 

“There is so much to be grateful for this year — the first being joining Team Healthcare at PAN. I feel so lucky to work alongside the smartest colleagues and for the best leaders and clients in the business. PAN is the happiest career decision I have ever made! Personally, I am so thankful to start the next journey in life with my husband to end this year in our NEW home. Also, forever grateful for the most supportive family in the universe.” — Michelle Panico, Director, PAN Virtual (Chicago) 

“First and foremost, I am immensely thankful to have two healthy, happy 9-month-olds, who are the light of my life! I’m also grateful beyond words for an employer that offers generous maternity leave and has been incredibly supportive in my transition back to work. PAN has provided flexibility and work-life-balance, and I’ve been so fortunate to have the most incredible team who feel more like friends than coworkers.” — Katie Johnston, Senior Account Supervisor, Virtual 

Marki and other stars

“Thankful for golf, the opportunity to sing Ed Sheeran with Marki, and TLC. Don’t go chasing waterfalls, okay?” — Mark Nardone, Chief Marketing Officer, Boston 

“Listen, I know it’s been said — but I am most thankful for Marki. She helps me finish bottles of wine, drives me home sometimes, and honestly she is just the best. Thanks, Marki.” — Kari Hulley, Senior Vice President, Boston/San Francisco 

“I’m thankful I secured the highly coveted Taylor Swift tickets and to work for a company filled with fellow Swifties to sing with. Mostly Marki though, because she for sure has the best T-Swift singing voice, as we all know.” — Natasha Koleas, Account Supervisor, NYC  

“Honestly, I am so so grateful for Carly Rae Jepsen, whose concerts have been FIRE this year. And Marki, my amazing dedicated.” — Sami Jones Toal, Senior Account Executive, Virtual/Chicago 

“Grateful for the only true A-listers out there, Susan Sarandon and Sarah Michelle Gellar.” — Adam Novak, Senior Vice President, somewhere in Maine 

“This year I have been so grateful to our Taylor Swift Support Group chat on Teams. The conversations, jokes, laughs, and camaraderie through the whole Eras Tour/Ticketmaster fiasco, was an absolute wild ride and one I wouldn’t have done with any other group but those in my PAN fam!! ” — Dina Magdovitz, Account Supervisor, Orlando 

“Incredibly grateful for Raising Cane’s and Nicholas Cage, who is a true National Treasure.” — Lauren Warble, Senior Account Supervisor, San Francisco 

“I’m extremely grateful to have secured Taylor Swift tickets during the infamous Ticketmaster fiasco. I’m also grateful for the PAN Swiftie Support Group chat, I don’t know how I’d process my complicated, parasocial relationship with Taylor without it.” — Emma Nugent, Assistant Account Executive, Pittsburgh 

“Grateful for turkey because it is SO delicious and versatile.” — Kirsten Welch, Account Supervisor, Orlando 

“Gronk, Brady, Edelman … oh wait, it’s 2022 and none of them play for the Pats anymore. I guess Mac Jones? But for sure thankful for that punt return by Marcus Jones last week. And Marki, the best dedicated VP to ever exist — honestly, she may be better at being a dedicated than Tom Brady is a quarterback!” — Julienne Hughes, Account Executive, Boston

“Mostly, I am thankful for Marki and her endless ability to be kind and fun. But also grateful to be able to move to Florida and continue to work for such an amazing company like PAN!” — Kally Lavoie, Account Supervisor, Virtual/Orlando 

“Super grateful that I just started at PAN and that I got Taylor Swift tickets for next August!” — Erin Givens, Account Executive, Dallas 

“Night-driving yellow sunglasses. How could I be thankful for anything else? Oh wait — Marki, I am also so thankful for her.” — Elsa Crozier, Senior Account Executive, Boston 

“Just wicked thankful for Marki.” — Darlene Doyle, Cape Cod Chic Leader, Chief Client Officer and All-Around Boss, Boston 

More of everything

“I’m thankful for a lot this year! I feel like I say that every year. Thankful for spending more time in the lovely SF office, and even more grateful to Lauren Warble for driving me to the office every time so I could stop showing her how to take the bus. Thankful for the PAN pubs (as always) and the PAN West series of new hire questions that keep everyone entertained. Endlessly thankful for PAN implementing unlimited PTO, because it resulted in a lot of really great trips and reunions this year. Finally, I’m thankful for a new Game of Thrones series to watch, another season of White Lotus, and for not having the desire to wait in the Taylor Swift Ticketmaster queue. Here’s to more of the good stuff in 2023!” — Emily Hubbard, Senior Account Executive, San Francisco  

“I’m thankful for my new bundle of joy, Mila, who is celebrating her first Thanksgiving this year, and having an incredibly supportive team that allows me balance in my day-to-day life.” — Nick Fathergill, Senior Account Executive, Rochester 

“I am thankful for my health and my family — and of course, Marki!! ?” — Kim Spiller, Director, Revenue Accounting, Boston 

“I’m thankful for great clients and even more amazing client TEAMS. And of course, for Ludacris concerts at healthcare events.” — Matthew Briggs, SVP Healthcare/Content, Boston 

“We are ALL thankful for this! EVP Dan [right] and SVP Matthew [left] (who refuses to be called Matt) rocking out to Ludacris!!”  — Angelica English, Senior Account Supervisor, Boston

I am thankful for my PAN pals old and new, the Funky Bunch and my promotion to Chief Booze Officer.” — Kate Adams, Senior Account Executive, Boston 

“This year, I’m thankful for supportive colleagues who help me celebrate successes and work through challenges, family that will travel to Boston to spend Thanksgiving with me, concerts where I got to hear some of my favorite music live, and lots of love and laughter shared.” — Bailey Watroba, Account Supervisor, Boston  

“This year, I’m so thankful for the opportunity to be judged by many people because I was tasked at making the mac and cheese, AKA the most important dish on Thanksgiving (wish me luck lol).” — Kiah Anderson, Assistant Account Executive, Virtual (Michigan)  

“Earlier this year I made a huge career path change from broadcast reporting to healthcare PR, ultimately landing a job at PAN. I want to begin by saying how thankful I am for the support, patience, leadership, and ultimately friendships that I have gained since coming to PAN. It’s truly hard to put into words how nice it is to work for a company that makes it their mission to ensure employees feel content in both work and life. Along with my new job, this year I’m thankful for my family, friends, boyfriend, true crime documentaries, and of course my amazing dog Quinn. Here’s hoping everyone has a great holiday!” — Madeline Ashley, Senior Account Executive, Virtual 

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