Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

PAN is committed to always learning and evolving our DEI efforts to ensure employees from all backgrounds can see themselves succeeding at PAN. 

A space where everyone belongs

At PAN, we are committed to building an agency that gives employees the resources and tools that empower them to bring their whole selves to work each day. 
We’ve worked hard over the years to embrace diversity, equity, inclusion, & belonging. As we continue our DEI journey, we acknowledge we may not get everything right, but we will continue to learn, improve, and grow as an organization and, we hope, as an industry. To do this, we will be guided by five core principles.

PAN is committed to clearly communicating our goals and progress, as we believe progress is not possible without transparency and honesty. We will make mistakes along the way but will always be transparent about our intention and how we will continue to improve or correct our course.  

We promise to be our authentic, genuine selves in how we approach and articulate our DEI message both internally and externally. We believe whole-heartedly in showing up as your authentic self every day. It’s who we are to the core. And it’s how we continue to evolve and improve on our agency’s journey. 

We will continue to be intentional in the supportive resources and tools we provide our employees. We embrace the moments of change or inflection by offering safe space discussions and knowledge share platforms. These unplanned opportunities and conversations are intentional, and the moments help foster a DEI culture that lays the foundation for future change. 

Everything we do will be guided by the morals and ethics that PAN was founded on almost 30 years ago. We have always put our values at the forefront of everything we do. Above all, we must approach our DEI journey with integrity. 

Our commitment is not short-term. It does not waver with trends. We pledge to work toward long-standing and sustainable solutions that drive change. We will be consistent and persistent in how we approach progress, establishing clear goals to hold ourselves accountable to meet our full potential. 

Philip A. Nardone, Jr., President & CEO  

HBCU Partnerships: Creating opportunities for the next-gen PR professional 

The PAN Portal network is proud to be partnering with three Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) on a four-part guest lecture series aimed to inform and answer questions students have about the public relations agency experience and the industries of business-to-business technology and healthcare.

In addition, PAN hosts mock interviews for students to help prepare them for opportunities within the industry. These students, along with others from the BIPOC community eager to enter the workforce, have an opportunity to apply to PAN’s comprehensive 10-week Summer Internship Program designed to introduce students to agency life through a variety of client relations experiences.

Over the course of the program, students gain a greater understanding of what it’s like to work in a fast-paced PR and integrated marketing agency, how the business operates, and how we service our clients. Interns are paired with a career coach and a dedicated mentor who started their career in an entry-level role with PAN. 

Dillard’s Mass Communications Program: mass communication prepares students to be proficient in communicating information and ideas through the utilization of media, to be qualified to hold positions in the mass communication industry, and to also gain admission to graduate and professional schools… 

NC A&T’s Department of Journalism and Mass Communications: if you aspire to be involved in the creation and delivery of media content, the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University is the place where your career can begin… 

NCCU’s Mass Communication, Public Relations Concentration, B.A.: The Public Relations concentration (Mass Communication B.A.) prepares students for careers as specialists who promote people and organizations… 

PAN ID: Leading our Grassroots DEI Journey 

Our employee-led DEI committee, PANid, has created various programs and initiatives to help engage and educate our workforce, as well as champion and celebrate diversity. This team strives to enhance and evolve practices at PAN to nurture equity, inclusivity, and belonging. They also aid in becoming strategic partners for clients and new prospects looking to focus on DEI efforts and identify ways to add value and support. 

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Committed to authenticity and transparency 

We don’t intend to shy away from the work, or the hard conversations. 

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