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African American warehouse worker and her supervisor cooperating while analyzing reports at storage compartment.

Deep expertise in an industry built on connections 

From seller to buyer and everything in between, we command industry knowledge that moves the needle.

Our thought leaders are equipped to bring the best practices of marketing and PR to a rapidly changing and critically important industry, combining integrated capabilities with the expertise and talent to take on every challenge. Whether it’s navigating through global crises or adapting to economic shifts, our content positions clients as leaders prepared for change.  

The supply chain and logistics industry is undergoing a significant digital transformation. PAN’s experts understand how to promote technological advancements within a largely analog industry. The narratives we build for clients and our strategic approach to media help highlight the importance of digitization to improve efficiency, accuracy, and reliability in logistics operations. 

The power to manage disruptions—from global pandemics to geopolitical tensions—and maintain operational continuity is more critical than ever. Clients are interested in how they can be portrayed as resilient and capable of handling unforeseen challenges. PAN’s ability to develop PR and marketing strategies that highlight robust risk management processes, contingency planning, and a resilient supply chain have positively impacted our clients’ stability in volatile markets. 

It’s important to showcase your brand’s commitment to sustainability by highlighting the partners you do business with. PAN helps our clients highlight supply chain sustainability by showcasing both data and thought leadership on its progress and importance. PAN leverages our preferred vendor Dynata to produce proprietary data that drives mainstream coverage. 


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Ware2Go: Shaping the future of fulfillment

Shaping the future of fulfillment

Supply Chain & Logistics

Supply chain was a hidden industry when it became overnight international news in 2020. Major players in the space must strategize on the fly and confront issues like disruption and inequity to modernize and grow.

Adam Novak, Senior Vice President at PAN
Adam Novak, Senior Vice President at PAN Communications, headshot

Success stories, insights, and resources: Supply Chain & Logistics

Dive into our client success stories, insight reports, and topical blog posts to see how we think, work and create. 


The race towards self-driving success 

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The race towards self-driving success 

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