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The future of health is already here. The evolution of marketing and PR is too. 

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A telehealth agency that never phones it in

The past few years have shone a bright spotlight on telehealth and virtual care. Brands in this space have a unique opportunity to shape the future of the industry. But with more and more players entering the scene, it’s important to be crystal clear about what makes each brand special and how they can help people.

PAN helps virtual care clients connect the dots between brand awareness and demand generation so clients can engage potential buyers through all stages of their sales funnel with a simple and cohesive narrative.

We have a pulse on the evolution of care and expertise with both dedicated telehealth brands and companies that touch elements of virtual care solutions as part of larger digital health offerings. Our team brings extensive knowledge of the care ecosystem to help brands get more proactive in their services and convey how they will ultimately improve outcomes. 

Driving engagement and adoption of solutions is critical to an innovative marketing strategy that resonates with today’s empowered healthcare consumers. Virtual and hybrid care providers need an agency that understands the various stakeholders involved, including payers, providers, employers, and of course patients, while focusing on multi-channel messaging and seamless brand experiences to stand out in a competitive and evolving landscape.   

RPM and digital therapeutic solutions lead to improved patient outcomes and reduced healthcare costs but require trust and engagement from both patients and providers. Brands need compelling narratives that not only elevate awareness and communicate value, but empower healthier, more connected communities.  

The ongoing behavioral health crisis impacts many stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem, including providers, payers, and employers. The B2B healthcare experts at PAN understand each of these audiences—their unique needs, desires, and pain points—and how to engage them with an impactful brand story. 


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Conversations have centered around how patients and physicians should think about the evolution of care. With a finger on the pulse of the industry, PAN is positioned to ask and answer the most critical questions central to this discussion.

Kathryn McMahon Arrigg, Vice President, Healthcare at PAN 
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