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The value of efficient healthcare has never been clearer 

If the last few years have taught the world anything, it’s that no one can rely on chance when it comes to healthcare. Fortunately, our team had a head start. 

PAN has deep experience working with healthcare tech and digital health clients who create automation solutions benefiting everyone from providers to payers to those in long-term post-acute care settings. 

As a healthcare tech marketing & PR agency working with leading digital health brands for nearly three decades, we have both the unique perspective and the experience to tell the right stories, to the right audiences, at the right time.  

We have built robust brand narratives around how automation can help alleviate administrative workloads and clinical burnout. Our teams are always analyzing the media and marketing landscape to identify where the white space exists in trending conversations, and helping you get ahead of them. 

Despite the promise of automation, speculation around tools in the market remains. We work with our clients to showcase the true value and power their unique offering has on the lives of patients and healthcare providers alike. 

We’re storytellers at heart. We put the focus on building the right narrative around how automation can positively impact the patient journey while keeping safety in mind every step of the way. Using data and the insights of our strategy-minded team, we can best position our clients, their solutions, and their stories.  


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Between staffing shortages, burnout, administrative overload, and financial challenges, healthcare is a complicated industry. Automation plays a critical role so professionals can operate at the top of their license.

Michelle Panico, Vice President, Healthcare at PAN 
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