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Igloo: Helping the Challenger Brand Reduce the Nation's Energy Consumption

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Igloo: Helping the Challenger Brand Reduce the Nation's Energy Consumption


OTS in Q4 2019


Pieces of Media Coverage
Superior Coverage Sentiment VS Competitors

Sparking a Generation of Climate-Conscious Consumers

Tasked with helping challenger energy brand, Igloo Energy, to raise awareness of climate change and encourage Brits to use less energy in their homes, we delivered a strategic media relations campaign to empower consumers to take positive action.

It’s not every day you get asked to help a client’s audience want to use less of its product, but with a growing need to take positive action to protect the planet, we were proud to play a part in putting climate change on the national agenda.
Nia Evans, Vice President & General Manager, London at PAN Communications, headshot
Nia Evans
Managing Director, UK | London, UK
The Challenge

Amid a mounting climate crisis, Igloo Energy’s mission is to help its customers reduce their energy consumption.

Our PR brief was to highlight the need to take positive action, whilst showing consumers how they can help and, ultimately, encouraging switching to an energy provider that proactively wants to help customers to reduce their impact on the planet.

The Solution

We developed a multi-layered media relations campaign

We achieved this by using research to draw attention to key environmental issues, whilst positioning Igloo Energy as the smarter choice, with its range of intelligent connected home and energy efficiency solutions.

Messaging Workshop

Given the potentially sensitive subject matter, our first action was to help Igloo Energy identify and build updated media messaging focusing on smart home services. This enabled us to create a powerful messaging matrix, setting us up for the next stage of the campaign.

Rapid Response Media Relations

Our strategic media relations activity included a highly reactive response to topical news stories and talking points, ensuring Igloo Energy was seen commenting on key industry and consumer issues.

Data Stories

A key tactic was to highlight the importance of reducing energy consumption within the home, and our ‘Climate-conscious Consumers’ report revealed the progress that has been made, whilst putting pressure on other energy providers to do more to reduce the impact of climate change.

Thought Leadership

Comment pieces were bolstered through more in-depth bi-lines and feature articles, with key Igloo Executives positioned as thought leaders.


In Q4 2019 alone, we secured over 29 pieces of media coverage.

These included the Daily Express, City AM and Good Housekeeping, contributing to an overall quarterly OTS of over 14.5 million. We also got Igloo Energy included on Money Saving Expert – a key consumer finance website. Ultimately, our PR activity has helped improve Igloo Energy’s reputation, achieving a superior positive messaging sentiment compared to some of its leading competitors.

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