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Coverys: Leveraging Data to Drive Brand Awareness

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Coverys: Leveraging Data to Drive Brand Awareness


Feature articles in top-tier healthcare publications




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Building Trust with Thought Leadership

A medical professional liability insurer, Coverys helps the medical community address the challenges of healthcare delivery in today’s rapidly changing landscape. One of the core components of the PAN team’s program is leveraging content to drive awareness and thought leadership for the company.

During a recent conference discussion session around medical professional liability, the moderator asked, ‘What do you look for in determining the most credible stories you publish?’ An editor proactively shared that they trust sources using data to identify trends, and their coverage of our closed claims data reports consistently receives the highest volume of readership. I was so proud to receive this feedback on our thought leadership strategy.
Kevin Kelly | Business Development
The Challenge

Setting a brand apart from the noise.

When Coverys published its report titled, “A Dose of Insight – Diagnostic Accuracy: Room for Improvement,” the company sought to reach an audience of healthcare providers, c-suite executives, and risk management professionals to highlight the root causes of diagnostic-related claims (wherein the diagnostic process errors most commonly occur) and the impact on patient safety. PAN’s challenge was to creatively promote and publicize the white paper to increase awareness in the market, establish Coverys as an industry innovator, and confirm Coverys’ commitment to improving patient safety.

The Solution

Strategic Media Relations

Identified influential healthcare publications and associations that reach Coverys’ target audience of healthcare providers, executives, and hospital risk managers.

Began embargoed media outreach two weeks before the launch of the report, ensuring journalists had time to review and analyze the report, ask questions, conduct interviews, and write, plan, and schedule their stories.

Offered interviews with the report’s author, a Coverys executive, to discuss the findings and provide insight for their stories – offering providers, executives and risk managers actionable tips and insights for improving care.

The Impact

A thought leadership strategy readers can rely on.

PAN’s embargoed media approach allowed journalists to dig into the report, review the findings in detail, interview the report’s author and develop thoughtful articles offering readers concrete suggestions to help decrease diagnostic errors and improve patient safety.

Our team’s efforts resulted in 13 feature articles in top-tier healthcare publications including MedCity News, Modern Healthcare, Becker’s Hospital Review, Fierce Healthcare, HealthLeaders, and more – garnering 12M+ impressions and driving 7K+ visits to Coverys’ website.

In today’s media landscape, given the micro and macro dynamics at play across all industries and society at large, it can be challenging to break through the noise and truly set yourself apart. Companies with a sound thought leadership strategy backed by strong and consistent research/data and POVs put themselves and their executives in a position to do just that. We have been thrilled to work with Coverys on its strategy, inclusive of both its Red Signal and Dose of Insight Report series, ensuring that the company is continually putting forth new, timely and relevant insights that the market and, more specifically, its audiences care about and can benefit from.
Dan Martin, Executive Vice President, Healthcare at PAN Communications
Dan Martin
Executive Vice President, Healthcare | Boston, MA
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