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Driving growth through a transformative alliance spanning paid, earned & owned channels 


Leading govtech brand

Program & Deliverables

Strategy & Planning, PR & Awareness, Content Marketing, Creative & Branding, Demand & Lead Generation, Data & Analytics


Empowering communities, driving impact 

A leading government technology solutions company set out to drive corporate brand awareness, enhance market visibility, and achieve tangible business growth. As a company dedicated to empowering local governments and fostering community engagement, they sought a strategic partner to amplify its impact and help move its business. 


increase in “Power of Voice”


leads and 73 conversions on the brand site from PAN-managed paid media campaign with industry-leading publication


higher CTR than the account average on LinkedIn


Strategic collaboration boosts conversions and visibility 

The company partnered with PAN to implement an integrated strategy across paid, earned, and owned channels. PAN focused on optimizing corporate demand generation and approach to product-level campaigns, amplifying thought leadership, and integrating newly developed brand messaging to drive conversions and cohesive organizational growth for the company. 


Elevating industry influence and yielding high returns 

Corporate Growth

The company experienced a surge in corporate-level conversions, driven by targeted demand generation strategies and optimized product-level campaigns. 200+ creative and content assets developed across eleven products yielded over $100K in revenue. Additionally, through a combination of strategic media briefings and data-driven content, PAN drove 18 pieces of meaningful coverage, that helped position the company as an authoritative leader and elevated their influence. 

Accelerated Campaign Performance

PAN-owned campaigns on LinkedIn saw a 15% engagement share and a 44% higher CTR than the account average. Media sponsorships with industry-leading publications generated 631 leads and contributed to 73 conversions on the brand site. 

Increased Brand Awareness and Engagement

just one quarter, the company witnessed a 51% increase in “Power of Voice” with a spike in media mentions, a 10% increase in Awareness, an above-average global search rank increasing year over year, and increased branded search traffic versus portfolio, quarter over quarter. 


We looked at PANs capabilities around brand storytelling, and helping us optimize our demand gen buys, looking deep into our channels, and you were able to make campaigns work faster and have more efficiencies.”

Chief Marketing Officer