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GYANT: Driving Brand Visibility & Navigating Rapid Growth

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GYANT: Driving Brand Visibility & Navigating Rapid Growth


Monthly sales tripled


UVM from 26 pieces of media coverage


UVM from additional 41 media hits from funding news

Taking GYANT to the NXT Stage

GYANT is an AI-driven virtual assistant for healthcare. When the startup began working with PAN in mid-2019, our program focused on messaging/positioning, product collateral, and website copy. With the foundational elements in place, and as the company started to gain traction, our strategy shifted to an aggressive earned media and CEO thought leadership program to generate visibility while touting the company’s growth – with the goal of securing Series A funding, which the company closed in July 2020.


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PAN has been a wonderful strategic partner throughout GYANT’s evolution. Their ability to capitalize on healthcare trends and spearhead key thought leadership conversations has generated numerous opportunities.
Chris Farrell | SVP of Marketing
The Challenge

Breaking through the noise.

In March 2020, GYANT quickly deployed a new virtual assistant solution for health systems to offer an accessible COVID-19 screening to patients. The challenge was breaking through the crowded conversation around the rise of digital health in light of COVID-19 to insert GYANT’s POV, while navigating the shifting media landscape and working on reduced timelines due to a robust sales pipeline.

In addition, as we geared up for the company’s funding announcement – and with GYANT having grown from 3 to 24 customers within one year – the PAN team was tasked with showcasing the company’s recent success in its entirety, without positioning the company as having benefited from a pandemic.

The Solution

Strategic Media Relations

Within two months, PAN worked with GYANT and its customers to craft and pitch 7 press releases: announcing GYANT’s COVID-19 solution; highlighting its traction across 16 health systems and plans; and featuring customers high profile customers across the US healthcare landscape.

Thought Leadership

Throughout the news cycle, PAN worked with GYANT to develop supplementary thought leadership materials, as well, such as a case study on the results experienced by Intermountain Healthcare.

Funding Announcement Strategy

Leading up to GYANT’s funding news, PAN worked with GYANT to craft the press release, an FAQ, updated messaging, and a media outreach plan to target healthcare trade press and national business press. We focused our outreach on the longer-term positive outcomes that GYANT’s products created for customers and their patients, centering the story on how GYANT is helping, rather than profiting; building off the awareness, visibility and thought leadership the team generated.

The Impact

A rapid response to the pandemic and strong promotion of their COVID-19 solution.

As a startup navigating rapid growth, GYANT’s monthly sales tripled as a result of their rapid response to the pandemic and strong promotion of their COVID-19 solution. Initially, PAN secured 26 pieces of media coverage with 177M UVM between March and May 2020. Following the funding news, PAN’s efforts garnered an additional 41 media hits with 22.7B UVM.

Coverage highlights included The Wall Street Journal, VentureBeat, Forbes, Fortune, Becker’s Health IT, MedCity News, FierceHealthcare, MobiHealthNews, and more. GYANT’s sales team has leveraged the media coverage in ongoing conversations with national hospital and health systems to demonstrate their value, especially during this health crisis.

GYANT came to PAN at a perfect time in its growth trajectory. They had a unique virtual care navigation platform that tied together all the digital tools a health system needs in a single interface to create a seamless patient experience – increasing engagement, trust and loyalty at each stage of the healthcare journey. However, with limited market awareness and a need to formalize key foundational elements such as messaging, they were missing some key ingredients to get to the next level and close Series A funding. PAN was very excited to work with GYANT, its founders and its leadership team to map out a strategic and aggressive program that would meet and exceed their goals and help drive funding. The collective partnership drove awareness and visibility for the company, its platform and its executives via earned media, social and thought leadership, and led to a $13.6M round. PAN and GYANT are now working collaboratively to take the company to new heights in 2020 and beyond!
Dan Martin, Executive Vice President, Healthcare at PAN Communications
Dan Martin
Executive Vice President, Healthcare | Boston, MA
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