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PAN Communications Announces Promotions of Two Long-Tenured Directors to VPs

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Agency moves symbolize employee-centric career growth through mentorship, training and development 

PAN Communications, an integrated marketing and PR agency for B2B tech and healthcare brands, is excited to announce the promotions of two long-tenured directors to the leadership role of vice president. Effective immediately, Marki Conway will serve as vice president across the firm’s technology practice and Lauren Kaufman will move into the role of vice president, Integrated Marketing & Analytics.   

These promotions reflect years of hard work and trailblazing by Lauren and Marki and represent one of PAN’s highest priorities as a business and an employer: to be a place where today’s generation can build their career in ways that speaks to who they are and what they care about. Both of these amazing leaders began in different roles and took separate career paths to where they are today. Their growth mirrors the firm’s philosophy around employee-first development and how the agency’s culture helps young professionals set their career course and find that aspiration in their next role. 

These promotions reflect years of hard work and trailblazing by Lauren and Marki and represent one of PAN’s highest priorities as a business and an employer: to be a place where today’s generation can build their career in ways that speaks to who they are and what they care about.

Marki has spent more than 11 years with the agency, beginning as a technology intern and leaping through the ranks with excellent work, industry expertise and strong people and client management skills.  Within PAN’s dedicated mentor model, agency leaders embraced Marki’s passion to pursue individual interests — such as philanthropy and workplace culture initiatives — while thinking outside the box to outpace expectations across client programs. It was that passion and determination that enabled her to climb the ladder to her role today. As a VP, she will continue to provide mentorship to her teams while guiding them to deliver outstanding results and grow business for a wide variety of clients, ranging from mid- to late-stage brands. She has built a diverse expertise across B2B industries including security, martech, CX, adtech, supply chain, HR tech, BI/analytics and software development. In addition to VP responsibilities, Marki will support PAN’s new Head of DEI Brandon Thomas in guiding internal and external diversity, equity and inclusivity initiatives.

Marki Conway, Vice President at PAN Communications, headshot_01 “It’s a unique opportunity to be able to move through the ranks alongside colleagues I’ve long-respected, celebrating our collective achievements together,” Conway said. “I’ve always been motivated by and for the people around me, and building my career at PAN has afforded me opportunities to learn from some of the best in the business – while paying it forward to mentor and champion for those around me. In this next career step, I’m excited to continue pursuing my passions in people management, disruptive client work and being an advocate for inclusive, positive culture within and outside the walls of PAN.”  

In nearly nine years with PAN, Lauren has progressed from an assistant account executive through the ranks of account supervision, developing a keen interest and expertise in integrated marketing and analytics along the way. Integrated marketing was a new offering when Lauren started at the agency, but as her talents and interests became clear, PAN committed to providing the training and development she needed to build her own career.  As a director, Lauren has excelled in providing data-driven insights and storytelling to her portfolio of clients while also continuing to maximize opportunities in training and development both for her own skills and for her team. As a VP, she will continue to push her peers and clients to develop thought-provoking, data-backed campaigns that outperform KPIs and drive organic growth. Lauren will also provide essential mentoring to PAN employees, particularly those pursuing growth in integrated marketing and analytics. Lauren Kaufman, Vice President, Integrated Marketing & Analytics at PAN Communications, headshot_01

Being a part of building out an emerging practice for the agency has been an incredible opportunity, and I couldn’t be more excited to help drive our continued growth and evolution in this new role,” Kaufman said. “I’m grateful to have worked alongside strong female mentors who challenged me to be a better marketer and leader and look forward to passing that forward, fostering the development of our talented team of marketers as we work on new, creative client campaigns. 

“I couldn’t be more thrilled to see these two fantastic leaders recognized as our newest VPs,” said PAN President and CEO Philip A. Nardone, Jr. “Lauren and Marki are the epitome of PAN’s commitment to career advancement and opportunity — both in the unique ways they have forged their paths and in their ongoing dedication to their teams. They stand for everything I believe in and have grown through the ranks with passion for their teams and clients. I can’t wait to see how they continue to grow and what great accomplishments they will achieve.” 

Lauren and Marki join an impressive team of VPs, EVPs and a newly formed C-suite prepared to take the next steps toward PAN’s future as a thoughtful partner for clients and an employee-focused agency committed to always putting people first. 

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