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Industry Experts Speak to the Evolution of Modern Marketing & the Connected Customer

Mark Nardone

Today’s modern marketers realize that there’s an exciting opportunity to connect with customers but that transparency is fundamental to this exchange. Modern marketers are facing several challenges on the pathway to engagement with their audience. Understanding your audience at a deep level is ultimately what drives effective marketing. If you don’t have this instilled in your marketing programs then you are losing out on potential leads, consequentially wasting effort and money. Audience segmentation, personas and messaging is really the key when it comes to fully understanding your customer and effectively engaging with them.

A customer’s experience is judged on their loyalty, engagement level and whether or not they will continue to be an ambassador for your company. This, in turn, results in new growth and responsibilities for the modern marketer, as well as a higher set of expectations. Today’s connected customer demands a high pace of content and more personal messaging.

Some of the top leaders on the subject matter are unlocking the latest facets for the marketer and connected customer. Experts include Jake Sorofman, Research Vice President at Gartner; Julie Ogilvie, Research Director at SiriusDecisions; Heather Sears, former VP of Marketing at YP; and Matt Fates, General Partner at Ascent. We recently had the opportunity to sit down with these experts to talk about a few trending topics: the digital transformation of marketing, the evolution of the modern marketer, the evolution of the customer experience and the importance of branding. As these experts come together in our recent eBook, we learn that our brand’s content is really our “path to purpose” and in an effort to establish leads, modern marketers must learn the importance of customer engagement in order to ultimately effect business growth.

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