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Monster: Giving a Light-hearted Brand a More Serious Voice in the Jobs Market

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Monster: Giving a Light-hearted Brand a More Serious Voice in the Jobs Market


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Using a Strategic Partnership to Re-position a Brand

Monster is known by consumers for its light-hearted identity, content and fun tone of voice. So, when they asked PAN to help them gain credibility with the B2B market, we knew a different approach was needed.

Monster is a fun brand to work with but we knew their usual tongue-in-cheek style wouldn’t work for the more serious b2b sector. We helped show there is more to Monster than meets the eye through a strategic partnership and a hard-hitting employment report.
Sofia Cabrera
Account Director | London, UK
The Challenge

Known for its cheeky tips, tricks and content, Monster came to us with a brief to help them earn traction and credibility in the B2B sector. The normally light-hearted business wanted to become a trusted voice within the labour market, to help grow inbounds and relationships with recruiters and employers.

The Solution

We secured a strategic partnership with the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr) and together, launched Monster’s inaugural Jobs Confidence Index to media; an in-depth study of the UK labour market which was rolled out as three chapters across the year.

Messaging and Positioning

The first part of our mission was to define what Monster’s tone of voice and messaging should be for a B2B audience. It was clear they needed to showcase their expertise, but also borrow credibility from an already trusted source.

Thought Leadership

We positioned the General Manager of Monster.co.uk, Derek Jenkins, as an industry commentator, appearing twice on BBC news along with comments being included in a host of national media.

Strategic Media Relations

The Jobs Confidence Index was created to be the most authoritative report on the key economic, environmental and cultural factors influencing confidence in the UK labour market.

In partnership with Cebr, we developed a jobs confidence measure designed to consistently track how employees were feeling about job prospects and allowing us to talk about the story multiple times across the year. This was supported by a number of secondary news angles designed to maximize media hooks.

The Impact

We reached over 41 million.

The campaign achieved a reach of over 41million, with widespread national and broadcast coverage including standout pieces in Metro print and Yahoo! Finance online, as well as securing live interviews on the BBC with Derek Jenkins.

Ultimately, we helped manage Monster’s transition from being consumer-focused to commenting on the job economy and employment issues.

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