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Cogito: Demonstrating Cogito’s Corporate Growth to Increase Brand Visibility

  • Technology
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  • Marketing Tech

Cogito: Demonstrating Cogito’s Corporate Growth to Increase Brand Visibility


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Highlighting Growth and Momentum through Thought Leadership.

PAN was tasked with leveraging Cogito’s Series C funding announcement to highlight the company’s growth and momentum – sharing its unique vision and showcasing the company’s maturity through recent successes.

Cogito is a unique and newsworthy company, having created an AI coach that helps humans be more emotionally intelligent. But their story is about so much more than the product alone – it’s about the profound impact the technology has on the people using it every day. To help tell that full story, we partnered with Cogito’s industry-leading customers to highlight how an AI coach can positively impact human behavior overtime, leading not only to individual advancement but also business growth.
Nikki Festa, SVP of Client Relations, Technology & Healthcare at PAN Communications, headshot
Nikki Festa O’Brien
Executive Vice President | Boston, MA
The Solution

Through the Series C announcement, PAN and Cogito sought to tell the larger story of Cogito’s corporate growth over the last few years. To gain broad visibility for the story, PAN took a multi-pronged approach – targeting venture capital, technology, business, local and trade media for briefings.

Voice of the Customer

The addition of customer success stories helped bolster Cogito’s growth message and demonstrate their emergence as a sophisticated and innovative company making a positive impact on enterprises, their employees and their customers.

Thought Leadership

PAN and Cogito also emphasized Cogito’s vision for the future of work by ensuring executives highlighted the company’s thought leadership around AI in the workplace.

The Impact

Extensive message-rich media coverage and owned content.

PAN engaged business press and industry influencers to discuss Cogito’s momentum and industry-wide growth. High impact coverage in The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, CNBC, VentureBeat, NECN and Axios elevated Cogito’s presence in the AI and customer service industries, showing that Cogito is a critical player and competitive differentiator for organizations looking to support employees through AI technology.

The result was extensive message-rich media coverage and owned content, shining a spotlight on how Cogito is leading the way in making work more human. The thought leadership program reached 10.8M Twitter users, secured 7 pieces of top-tier business coverage and received more than 700M total impressions.

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