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PAN Announces New Services to Help B2B Marketers Close the Gap Between Brand Awareness and Demand Generation

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PAN Communications, an integrated marketing and public relations agency for B2B technology and healthcare brands, today announces new services in conjunction with the firm’s brand to demand marketing strategy and approach. 

PAN’s brand to demand philosophy was created in response to B2B marketers’ need for tighter alignment between brand building and demand generation efforts. With 71% of CMOs noting that they lack the budget needed to fully execute their strategies in 2023, it has never been more critical to show a direct connection between all marketing investments and bottom-line revenue growth. B2B marketers routinely overinvest in demand generation and underinvest in brand awareness — the optimal breakdown is closer to an even split, with about 54% of budget allocated to demand and 46% to brand. This issue is often compounded by a failure to align these investments to the same goals, a disconnect that impacts pipeline quantity, quality and likelihood of conversion. PAN’s brand-to-demand approach solves this twofold problem, fusing brand awareness with demand creation by building and activating one powerful narrative and strategy across the full customer journey. 

“We have seen over and again that without brand recognition and trust, B2B buyers are much less likely to respond to demand gen tactics,” says PAN chief of integrated marketing and strategy Megan Kessler. “By leading with awareness and building a cohesive, timely narrative that threads a clear message and value proposition throughout the customer journey, we are able to help our clients build brand affinity and motivate action simultaneously.” 

Brand to demand has long represented a guiding principle for PAN, and in the past year the firm has worked with clients to refine our approach and service packages to meet their growing needs. The results speak for themselves. One client saw a 29% increase in MQLs at a 50% reduced CPA in just one month, while another experienced a 136% increase in email click-through rates and 36 new SQLs in a quarter. By leveraging our brand to demand approach, PAN was able to move 84% of our largest clients from core public relations to fully integrated programs, representing 75% of client expansion revenue in 2022. Integrated marketing services also grew 19% to represent 30% of the firm’s revenue. This growth was a significant factor in PAN’s recent win as Technology Agency of the Year. 

“The power of this approach is swift and irrefutable,” said Zareen Fidlon, senior vice president of integrated marketing. “Our clients often come to PAN seeking brand visibility, but we give them far more. With a sharp narrative and fully-integrated approach, we are able to build brand, drive demand and measure the impact of our efforts all the way through to sales. We strive to be true partners to our clients and have built a team with marketer mindsets and specialist skillsets to do just that.” 

To learn more about PAN brand to demand services, client successes and our winning approach, visit the PAN integrated marketing site. 

This release originally appeared on Accesswire

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