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Data-Driven Media Strategies that Promote Real Solutions

Lauren Winer

The media landscape is increasingly data-driven, but in a world where new reports and statistics emerge daily if not hourly, the key is in the analysis. This is no more apparent than with healthcare media. Healthcare executives and providers are looking for more than just shedding light on industry issues. They want to know how they can learn from these findings to improve care delivery.

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The Ask

PAN recently worked with medical professional liability insurer Coverys to develop and launch its report, “A Dose of Insight — Diagnostic Accuracy: Room for Improvement,” based on five years of closed malpractice claims data. Coverys tapped PAN to reach healthcare providers, C-suite executives and risk management professionals to highlight the root causes of diagnostic-related claims, identify where errors in the diagnostic-process most commonly occur, and illustrate the impact missed, delayed or incorrect diagnoses can have on patients.

The Strategy

PAN’s media strategy began with identifying influential publications and associations in the healthcare space that collectively reach Coverys’ target audiences – healthcare providers, executives, hospital risk managers – and focused in particular on reporters who cover patient safety, provider education and related topics for outlets such as Modern Healthcare, Fierce Healthcare, MedCity News and Claims Journal. Key report findings drove a full-blown media blitz, such as how diagnosis-related events are the single-largest root cause of medical professional liability claims, and advanced risk management recommendations to reduce these errors.

For publications reaching healthcare providers, PAN emphasized actions physicians could take to directly increase diagnostic accuracy. Likewise, for C-suite and risk managers, PAN customized outreach to outline steps to best inform and encourage their staff to do so.

PAN offered the report for review under embargo, allowing reporters ample time to dive deep into the findings, ask follow-up questions and draft articles in advance of launch.

The Impact

The strategy paid off. PAN secured strong media results around the “Dose of Insight” report with 13 feature articles across a range of top-tier healthcare and insurance publications, including: Fierce Healthcare, Becker’s Hospital CFO Report, Becker’s ASC, Modern Healthcare, Healthcare Risk Management, HealthLeaders Media, MedCity News, Claims Journal, HealthITAnalytics, and more.

Feature articles highlighted a range of key takeaways from the report and actionable suggestions for providers to implement and improve diagnostic accuracy, in addition to supporting quotes from Robert Hanscom, Vice President, Business Analytics at Coverys, on how to improve the diagnostic process. Overall, the coverage successfully establishes Coverys’ position as the leading resource in healthcare risk management and patient safety, offering actionable and data-driven tips for improving patient care.

While healthcare data on its own may be compelling and eye catching, pairing findings with actionable takeaways goes a long way toward garnering media interest and coverage and helping stakeholders from across the healthcare spectrum understand what to do to improve diagnosis accuracy.

For more information on PAN’s healthcare PR and integrated marketing services, check out our expertise page.

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