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Empowering Voices: PAN Shines Spotlight on Inclusion, Diversity for International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month

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March 8 marks International Women’s Day (IWD), a global day of recognition to celebrate women’s achievements, raise awareness about gender-based discrimination, and advocate for gender equality. March is also dedicated to celebrating Women’s History Month, which commemorates and encourages the study, observance, and celebration of the vital role of women in American history.

Today is an important day to reflect and advocate for women’s representation. In reflection and celebration, PAN asked several of our PAN members, spanning all levels of our organization, to share what IWD means to them.

“This International Women’s Day, I want to emphasize the importance of allyship. What that really looks like and how we can use our voice to advocate for lasting change. Specifically, I’m calling on men to ensure they’re being action-oriented allies. Anyone can call themselves an ally — but do they stand up against discrimination in the workplace? Do they fight for equal pay and equal promotion consideration? In the field of PR, we’re lucky to be ahead of the curve when it comes to gender equity – though we’re not out of the woods, yet. In the tech field, the gender gap is a much more dire situation. As the great AI race continues, the tech field needs more female and POC programmers and engineers. To me, an impactful ally not only lives by their word but acts on it — provoking real change. Stand up, ask questions, call out bias, go to bat for female colleagues, and reflect on your own behaviors and biases. Anything less than that is not true allyship, and if you’re not our ally — you’re standing in our way, and I’d recommend you move.”

Marki Conway, Vice President, Boston

“International Women’s Day for me is all about celebrating being a woman. Since becoming a mother, I have an even greater appreciation for women and all that we do — supporting our families, our households, our friends and our workplaces. I am so thankful for our design as women and am grateful to celebrate our uniqueness, our femininity, our intentionality and the care we take in everything we do for those around us and ourselves today and every day!”

Sydney Mueller, Senior Learning & Development Manager, Virtual, Tampa, FL

“There isn’t a price on the value of a woman, yet the world has told us so. As a Black woman, I know the historical struggles via learned & lived experiences. I’ve had to curate space for myself to show up authentically in professional and personal settings. In light of this year’s theme to Inspire Inclusion, I’d like to challenge those who already have a seat at the table to make room for others — pursue equity and equality at all costs. Listen to women, believe their experiences, and then act accordingly. For IWD, I’m celebrating the women who dare to step outside the status quo. Dare to do you.”

Ruby Avery, Account Executive, Virtual, Washington, D.C.

“To me, International Women’s Day represents many things. It’s a day to recognise the obstacles women have overcome to achieve gender equality and where work still needs to be done. It’s a day to celebrate the amazing women who have trodden the path before us; for me, that’s my fearless grandmothers and my incredibly ambitious mum. It’s also a day to celebrate the women in our lives who continue to push us, mentor us and celebrate us – and the girl squad of PAN UK, led by our MD Nia, epitomises this!”

Sofia Cabrera, Account Director, London


“International Women’s Day for me is about honoring the obstacles women overcame in the past, recognizing the work we must do in the future, and wholeheartedly celebrating women’s achievements in the present! The latter is especially easy because I work at PAN. There are so many inspirational, kind, hardworking, and intelligent women here. It’s so fun learning from each of them each day!” 

Audrey Surette, Account Supervisor, Virtual, Washington, D.C.

“International Women’s Day for me is about continuing to work and be vocal about the things I feel passionate about, voting for candidates who support my beliefs, going beyond just words and making sure my actions are just as powerful. I’ve always been a very loud and proud feminist, but having a daughter has brought the realities of the world more harshly into light. I come from a long line of activists; my great-grandmother was a suffragette, and I’m proud to work to continue her legacy.” 

Ashley Waters, Vice President, Virtual, Philadelphia

 “International Women’s Day for me is about paying homage to all women — past, present, and future — that make the world a better place. I feel lucky to be living in the era of Barbie and Taylor Swift friendship bracelets. We live in a world where women are limitless. In line with this year’s theme of inclusion, this is just the beginning. There is so much work that still needs to be done to include all women in all ways. For me, it starts with championing other women in my life, learning from women and mothers in my life, and supporting women to achieve their goals — big and small.”

Abbey Clark, PR Barbie, Senior Media Manager, Rhode Island

“International Women’s Day for me is about taking the time to step back and reflect on all of the remarkable women within my life who guide, push and inspire me every single day. From colleagues to friends and family, it’s the strong presence of all of these women who raise and support each other without fail.”

Becca Williams, Account Executive, London

“International Women’s Day for me is about creating a world where myself, my sisters, future nieces, and friends can feel confident in expressing their greatness, sharing their ingenuity, and advocating for themselves without feeling there will be consequence. It’s about celebrating all that women are and can be, in whatever form they choose, whether a corporate professional, entrepreneur, homemaker, mother, wife, traveler, or a combination of any and all things. It’s about taking a moment to say, I am woman, and that’s a beautiful, wonderful, magical, special thing to be.” 

Alyssa Molino, Account Supervisor, Virtual, Pennsylvania

“International Women’s Day for me is about finding strength through the communities I’m in, as well as finding ways to make these spaces and groups more inclusive to all. Whenever I find myself in need of words of encouragement or someone to draw inspiration from, I often find myself turning to the groups of females I know from various walks of life — whether it’s from work or a workout class. It’s from these people, no matter how similar or different from me they are, that I find courage and strength to face the challenges life hands me. This year, I’m challenging myself to find ways to make my spaces and communities more welcoming and accessible to all women.”

Emma Nugent, Account Executive, Virtual, Pennsylvania

“International Women’s Day for me is more than just a day; it’s a movement that gives women the platform to step permanently into the spotlight. When highlighting leaders in the industry, we are usually looking at executive leadership and vice presidents to drive our stories. For me, I look everywhere. At PAN, I see women from all walks of life and roles impacting one another: A junior designer who rocked a brand platform and drives the client to grow their retainer to a director whose heart of gold and tenacious mind brings new perspectives to every account they are on. Our voice and, most importantly, our actions are what people remember. Make a splash. Take names. Get out there and shape perspectives. The stage is yours … now take it!”

Brys Scotland, Senior Visual Designer, Virtual, Maine

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