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Turning milestones into momentum

Ware2Go (W2G), a brand owned by UPS, simplifies the supply chain for merchants of all sizes. But as a newer player, visibility, media attention and brand awareness had long been a challenge. In Q1 2023 W2G announced two high-profile partnerships with Gap Inc. and e-commerce marketplace service provider, Whitebox—and a speaking engagement for Ware2Go’s CEO at the Manifest Conference, a leading industry event. To optimize the impact, PAN began to weave these moments together under a common theme supported by data-driven insights. The bigger objective was to solidify W2G as a marketplace leader and to generate traction for its on-demand, flexible, scalable fulfillment solutions among small and mid-market merchants. 


  1. Establish Ware2Go as an innovator in co-warehousing and spotlight the market need for partnerships between fulfillment providers and big-name retailers.
  2. Launch an integrated campaign to maximize visibility of upcoming milestones.
  3. Align communications strategies with partners and key stakeholders to optimize business impact and lead generation.


Integrated to drive impact

Knowing that co-warehousing with a major retailer was a relatively new and unfamiliar practice, Ware2Go and PAN set out to understand how mid-size fulfillment decision makers felt about the emerging concept. Named The Future of Fulfillment, the research would show what the future of fulfillment and logistics could look like for SMBs to thrive—and how providers like Ware2Go can support them in these fulfillment goals. 

Tactics included:

  • Supporting Ware2Go’s brand social efforts and the CEO’s LinkedIn page
  • An organic strategy to increase awareness and engagement of the Gap
  • A paid social strategy to promote the CEO’s Manifest attendance and speaking engagements to boost attendance.

For the CEO’s speaking panel at Manifest, PAN leaned heavily on promoting his attendance and session via organic social and paid-boosting of organic LinkedIn posts to further promote the Future of Fulfillment report findings and the panel. Prior to the event, boosted posts were optimized to reach the target audience of the event, while geo-targeting was incorporated to boosts going live the day prior to the CEO’s panel.


#1 media hit leads to business uptick

Despite last-minute pivots, PAN successfully secured an exclusive feature with the #1 goal publication: Women’s Wear Daily—a direct line of sight to the types of merchants who would be looking to benefit from this kind of co-warehousing partnership. 

The Ware2Go and Gap teams were aligned in seeing this as an incredible win—a feature story in their first-choice media outlet that reached 1.8M+ retail merchant business decision-makers. 

And most importantly, it fulfilled the goal of linking our PR efforts directly with lead generation for Ware2Go. Upon reading the WWD feature, Playboy Intimates reached out to engage the sales team for their 3PL RFP. The news triggered additional retailers to engage with Ware2Go including Tory Burch, Estee Lauder, Stella and Dot, and ASOS.