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Putting people at the heart of tech stories 

Lumi is the power behind the world’s investor meetings but most businesses that use its white-labelled technology platform had never even heard of the brand. Hundreds of companies across the world were relying on their market-leading tech but didn’t even realize. 
PAN was challenged with putting that right by making so much PR noise that every share issuer, broker and intermediary in the UK investing industry would be in no doubt of who Lumi is, what it does and what it stands for, and so set the table for the brand to sell direct to its end-customers. 


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Tapping into a key bubbling issue

The ‘Shareholder Roadblocks’ campaign tapped into a key bubbling issue— shareholder democracy.

This aimed to raise awareness of the unfairness of retail investors being cut out of meetings and calling on the industry to simplify the complexity standing between shareholders and the companies they own.

Establishing the Problem Through Research

PAN gathered the opinions of British shareholders to uncover shocking insights about the number of people currently being cut out of meetings, but also show their desire to attend AGMs and make their voices heard in the shareholder process.

Creating Compelling Content

PAN used these insights to develop multiple supporting digital assets including a full report, a dedicated campaign landing site with the gated report available for download, video content featuring interviews with retail investor case studies, as well as infographics and thought pieces designed for content marketing and sales rollout.

Integrated Outreach Strategy

PAN rolled out a targeted media and digital outreach strategy to convince key influential business media of the importance of the shareholder democracy issue and Lumi’s part in creating greater accessibility. This launch was long-tailed by a program of ongoing media activity that included thought leadership pieces, media interviews and lightning-quick newsjack commentary.

Integrated with this, was a coordinated online and social media push across all Lumi’s digital channels, driving further engagement with key audiences.


Output delivered in spades

Over 100 pieces of global media coverage were published championing the issue, with 25% of those in tier one titles including The Financial Times, Mail Online, City AM, and Evening Standard, as well as a host of investor trade and business publications like Management Today, Investment Week, and IR Magazine.

However, the outcomes are more impressive. The world’s biggest companies know who Lumi are and want to work with them. After seeing the media coverage, senior execs at the world’s largest companies have approached Lumi to get involved with the campaign and make their meetings more inclusive. As there has been a sea change in accessibility with a growing number of major intermediary brands, such as Hargreaves Lansdown, Blackrock, and eToro, opening up AGM voting to all retail shareholders.