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The Digital Download | 11.13.2020

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PAN Digital Team

The weekly Digital Download is out. Get all the Marketing hot newsquick tips, and highlights you need to get you through the week, rolled up into a five-minute read.

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In the News

Hot Off the Press

  • Agility vs. Speed: How Agile Marketing Can Manage Volatile Times
    • What comes to mind when we hear, “we need an agile marketing team.” We think we must move fast. We think we should jump from one project to another without looking back, but an “agile marketing team” is really a team able to make choices and tradeoffs to prevent us from simultaneously tackling every conceivable tactic. True agility means we stop starting everything and instead start finishing the important work. Speed is optional, disciplined agility is not. Is your team agile or fast? Find out here.
  • Getting to Know the Snapchat Generation
    • In a recently released guide, Snapchat shares updated statistics on their user base, their behaviors, and how they engage with the platform. Check out the report here. Still not sure how to build Snapchat into your B2B marketing strategy? Visit Snap Connect to take some of their new courses for marketers.

  • Blocked Hashtags, Violence Metrics, Bans – How Social Media Has Dealt with the US Election
    • For the last four years, the 2020 US Election has been projected as the ultimate test of social media networks and their capacity to respond to allegations of mass manipulation, foreign interference, fake news and more. Facebook and Twitter have worked to add in a range of new measures and tools to better protect the integrity of the critical vote, including new ad transparency measures, improved detection systems to stamp out ‘coordinated inauthentic behavior’, updated response processes, etc. Read more about key points of focus, and action, over the past week.
  • Google’s Working on a New Process Which Would Convert Static Website Assets into Video Content
    • Google is testing a new process which would enable businesses to create video assets from static website content. Google’s URL2Video process automatically analyzes webpage assets and arranges them into an animated presentation. Although this sounds like the inexpensive answer B2B brands have been waiting for, it is not publicly available yet. Facebook launched a similar tool with Video Creation Kit in 2018.
  • Facebook Provides New Ad Copy Tips to Help Maximize Performance
    • The holidays are upon us, and with that comes our holiday marketing campaigns. Facebook has provided ad copy tips, and a formula for building ads.  Facebook’s top five ad copy tips:
      • Give your brand a voice
      • Position your products
      • Say it with words
      • Create branded packaging
      • Spend strategically


Outside the Lines

  • The Who, What, How & Why of a Brand
    • David Ogilvy originally defined a brand as “The intangible sum of a product’s attributes: its name, packaging, and price, its history, its reputation, and the way it’s advertised.” Each brand element and touchpoint must be strategically and creatively aligned to have maximum impact. Read more here, and see the elements that make up a brand below:
      • The Who: The Product
      • The How: Product Attributes
      • The What: Visual & Audio
      • The Why: Action
  • Why Your Business Should Be On TikTok (And Four Types Of Content To Promote Your Brand)
    • TikTok has 800 million active users worldwide. Projections for this year suggest that 45.4 million of these users reside in the United States. Time for marketers to get in there and mix things up. Is TikTok right for every business? No. Here are some of the signs that it may be right for your business:
      • Your target audience is younger (ages 16-30).
      • You can easily showcase your products/services in a video.
      • You’re comfortable sharing light-hearted brand content.
  • iOS 14.2 is here, and it has over 100 new emoji
    • Apple officially released iOS 14.2 and iPadOS 14.2 today, bringing a variety of new features — but the most important might be the dozens of new emoji that are now available to use. They include a ninja, a transgender pride flag, a coin, bubble tea, a dodo, a piñata, a tamale, and more. See the list at Emojipedia for the full catalog of new emoji added in the update.

  • Oura Wearable Campaign Tallies How Much Sleep Americans Actually Lost On Election Night
    • Americans slept an average of 25.2 minutes less than usual on election night, according to a new digital out-of-home (DOOH) campaign from wearable sleep tracker Oura Ring that ran in Times Square this week. The data, which was presented with help from agency Mischief, found that the deficit added up to a total of nearly 139 million hours of sleep lost across the country last Tuesday. The goal of the campaign was to “bring Oura’s understanding of overall health to life in a meaningful way.”

Tricks of the Trade

Tips and Tricks

  • How to Get the Most From Instagram for Your Brand
    • FOMO – the reason brands dive into social media without a fully baked strategy. B2B brands know that everyone loves Instagram, but they don’t always understand the nuances that attract users to the platform. 90% of accounts follow at least one business on Instagram, making it the perfect time for B2B brands to get in there and mix things up. How to get the most from Instagram for your brand:
      • Market brands on Instagram as if the brand was a person.
      • Use Instagram to tell lifestyle stories
      • Maintain a continuity of elements over time
      • Present content that is artistic and fits with the culture of Instagram
      • Recognize the value of using consumer-generated content
  • What Is Ad Fatigue? + How to Diagnose & Cure It
    • Ad fatigue occurs when your audience sees your ads so often that they stop paying attention. This causes your campaigns to become less effective, prevents users from moving down the sales funnel, and ultimately hurts your company’s bottom line. Read more about diagnosing ad fatigue and how to cure it here, starting with these changes:
      • Update the background color of your display ads
      • Customize your ads using ad customizers
      • Rotate your ads frequently
      • Monitor your campaigns
  • Utilizing Storytelling in B2B Content Marketing
    • Humans love stories. We always have – fairy tales, bedtime stories, ghost stories and movies. We can’t get enough. B2C brands such as Apple, Nike and Dove connect with consumers on an emotional level using stories to make us laugh and cry, ultimately building trust and creating advocates for life. There are 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created each day. By using a combination of creativity and emotional storytelling, B2B brands can break though the noise and beat the competition. Check out the interactive infographic here.

There are 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created each day. By using a combination of creativity and emotional storytelling, B2B brands can break though the noise and beat the competition.

  • How to Optimize Your Content Distribution Strategy
    • You’ve laid all the groundwork for a successful content marketing strategy. You’ve assessed past and present content deliverables, identified the performance gaps and started building a library of assets that map to each stage of the buyer’s journey. Now that you know how to cut through the noise, what are you going do to make sure your content reaches the right audiences? Mike O’Connell delivers the third installment of our Content Marketing blog series that focuses on PAN’s five-pillar approach to content marketing.

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