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Leading Brands CommerceCX and Custora Help Amplify PAN Communications’ Martech Practice

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PAN Communications, an integrated marketing and PR agency for B2B technology and healthcare brands, today announced two significant client additions to its expanding martech roster: CommerceCX, an emerging brand that excels in providing enterprise digital solutions to help businesses engage with their customers; and Custora, a leading customer analytics platform that delivers actionable data and insights to marketers.

Seeing a rise in AI, AR/VR, voice search and customer experience (CX), as well as the upward trend of venture capitalist investments in the martech space, PAN’s rich history in the industry aligns perfectly with the market’s momentum. In what’s being deemed as the ‘New Era of Personalization’, a survey from Forrester noted that 94 percent of marketers are now focusing on their data and analytics, personalization technologies and customer profile data management capabilities to deliver valued CX. With strategic investments being placed on the marketing stack and its role in customer acquisition, loyalty and retention programs, CMOs recognize PAN as an ideal partner for brands looking to leverage integrated programs across their customers’ engagement journey.

“In our current growth stage, having a dedicated, creative agency partner is critical to fostering visibility in the market,” said JC Goodrich, vice president of marketing at Custora. “PAN’s knowledge of the marketing and retail industry, as well as the team’s strategic and tactical approach to driving awareness truly makes them a stand out choice as a PR partner.”

“In our search for an agency, it was essential to find a partner that could dig in with us as we approach this critical stage in our business,” said Rob Maille, head of strategy and customer experience at CommerceCX. “PAN has become a true extension of our team – bringing a unique lens on the market and helping us shape our go-forward strategy. It was PAN’s experience in our domain that originally attracted us to the agency, but the team’s sound counsel and creative approach to our program have us excited for what’s to come.”

PAN’s martech success knows no boundaries, with clients such as Bazaarvoice, MediaMath, Nanigans, SAP Customer Experience, and WhiteOps at the helm. The integrated firm’s experience has grown with the market in the past decade and ranges from analytics, to CRM, to programmatic and behavioral data, and more. PAN prides itself in offering the highest level of services to these critical areas of marketing technology solutions, which played a key role in the firm’s recent recognition as Technology Agency of the Year.

This years’ Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic showcased there are now 6,829 marketing technology solutions, representing a 27 percent growth from last year. A market this competitive increases the importance of integrated communications now more than ever.  PAN Communications is equipped to support these brands with their messaging and positioning by moving their ideas forward in a way that sets them apart from competitors and puts them at the forefront as thought leaders. CommerceCX and Custora chose PAN for its previous success stories, deep knowledge of the space and superior creativity.

“I’m thrilled to welcome CommerceCX and Custora to our expanding martech portfolio,” said Ryan Wallace, vice president and general manager, New York. “It’s been an incredible experience leading and growing our New York presence during a time of such disruption and I look forward to this continued success.”


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