White Ops: Research Done Right

Capitalizing on the impact of research within an earned media program, PAN helped to bring the ANA and White Ops’ research to market, driving thought leadership for White Ops and broad industry awareness around the economic impacts of ad fraud.

A Broad Outreach Approach

Taking a broad outreach approach, PAN targeted three core media audience for White Ops: the business press, top-tier ad tech trades and the security trades. This included a nearly 500 word piece in the Wall Street Journal.

The Bots Baseline Report was a dream piece for three main reasons:

  1. It supported our core program objective for driving awareness for White Ops, directly associating the White Ops brand with truly compelling and unique research and hard data.
  2. It elevated White Ops’ thought leadership platform by giving them a “category” to own and speak authoritatively on – in this case, ad fraud.
  3. It was broad enough research that it enabled PAN to splice/dice the research to target stories for all of its core media outlets, spanning the business press, ad tech trades and security trades.

The goal was to get this research into as many media hands as possible to drive coverage that underscored the real problem that exists around ad fraud and the financial implications of the problem. This led to pitching and securing 38 pieces of high-quality media coverage.

Truly unique data and research allows PAN to shine a spotlight on White Ops in a less overt – but often times – much more impactful way than traditional product announcements. The Bots Baseline report is a great example of how this kind of research can fuel a PR program to both impact coverage, but, further, industry share of voice.

White Ops + PAN case study results

The White Ops research worked for three core reasons: it was compelling, it was relevant and it delivered fresh perspective and stats on a trending industry conversation: ad fraud. It’s this type of content that really helps us establish a thought leadership platform for our clients and gives us ammo to connect with them the media who matter to them.

– Darlene Doyle, Senior Vice President, PAN Communications

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