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Insights from the Experts: Modern Marketing and Your Customer’s Micro-Moments

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Author: Mark Nardone, Chief Marketing Officer at PAN Communications, headshot
Mark NardoneChief Marketing Officer

A few months ago,  I had the pleasure of sitting down with the VP of National Markets at YP, Heather Sears for a two-part Insight’s from Experts series discussing the many opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for today’s modern marketers. Our first episode took a closer look at a few things; 1) leveraging data and behavioral insights for a better understanding of your customer’s interests and 2) the need to remain flexible in order to adapt to the complexity of the connected customers during their roller coaster journey.

In the second episode, Heather spends time discussing the customer’s path to purpose and how a more personalized approach with content is essential for a successful experience.  She delves deeper into micro-moments and how marketer’s need to have a better understanding of human behaviors at every step so that they are prepared to keep pace with the RIGHT personalized content.

We then look at the mobile first approach all marketers integrate and how a successful program is built on a Customer first model of engagement. In essence, marketers need to let the consumers lead the relationship as she cites 86 percent of consumers using their mobile device at home (yet another challenge to connect/engage). There’s no doubting that all marketing teams need to remain steps ahead of their customers behaviors , and aligning personalized content to their omni-channel experience is a winning formula.

With Gartner and other leading authorities in our industry calling for digital marketing investment to explode over the next few years, it’s no wonder why today’s CMO must continue to transform their approach in order to acquire, retain and grow their customer’s passion for the brand – while ensuring a positive experience.

Businesses are in the midst of a massive digital transformation, thanks in large part to today’s inspired customer.  Are you ready to ride the opportunity?  Let’s talk further @markcnardone about your opinions and how these approaches can impact your outcome. Something tells me this ride is far from over.




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