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Social-driven candidate acquisition strategy 

As a leader in omnichannel commerce, Radial helps brands deliver holiday cheer to consumers’ doorsteps. Radial’s team processed 4,000 orders per minute and shipped 48 million units during the holiday “peak” season. To execute at this level, Radial needed to hire over 20,000 seasonal workers, while competing against retail mega-brands Amazon and Walmart. 
With an integrated marketing and PR strategy aimed at raising Radial’s brand awareness amongst prospective employees, PAN leveraged highly strategic paid social tactics to drive thousands of online applications. 


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Strong strategy and dynamic visuals

PAN leveraged both organic and paid social media strategies to drive job applications for Radial, targeting key hiring locations on Facebook with dynamic ads.

Dynamic and authentic visual assets drove results. Personalized ad copy in each market, including site-specific benefit and wage information, resonated with potential candidates. 

PAN created employee testimonial videos resulting in 874,000 video plays on social from potential applicants. 

Public relations efforts resulted in high-profile coverage in The Wall Street Journal, Associated Press, TIME Money, and MarketWatch. Interviews with Radial executives made them part of the larger story of companies struggling to fill seasonal employment needs, citing increases in wages, bonuses, and investment in technology. 


Social media impact

Paid social campaigns were largely responsible for the majority of seasonal hiring web traffic and applications submitted through Radial’s website during peak season. 

Sixty-seven percent of all online applications completed were driven by paid social media, besting all other internal marketing channels combined. Radial experienced a 690% increase in year over year applications on social media, credited to the new micro-targeting techniques and landing pages PAN recommended. Additionally, Radial received 233 pieces of coverage, 6 broadcast segments, and reached 5,413,858,340 unique monthly viewers.