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Artec 3D is a global leader in the development and manufacturer of high precision 3D scanners and software. Guided by its mission and brand values to do good, Artec’s innovative tech not only transforms ways of working but people’s lives too. And nowhere was this more on display than in how the business responded to the war in Ukraine. 

Artec narrowed in on two initial key areas where its world-leading scanning tech could genuinely make a different; forensics investigations of war crimes and cultural preservation of Ukrainian heritage under daily threat from Russian bombs. 

Via its partners in-country, Artec provided vital tech to the #SaveUkrainianHeritage initiative, and teamed up with law enforcement and government entities to supply scanners to aid with evidence gathering in ongoing investigations into atrocities committed by the Russian military.  

PAN was tasked with creating a media strategy that not only communicated the story sensitively but also gave these important initiatives the global profile they deserved. 


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An unprecedented situation

PAN developed a specific PR program which included journalists working within Ukraine, battling power-cuts and shelling who recorded the scanners being used in action, to raise awareness of solutions being used on the ground to support the cause. In addition, due to the numbers of partners involved in the project, the team facilitated joint interviews for journalists to provide different perspectives on the project. 
PAN was able to offer comment from Artec’s CEO on the technical elements of the product, as well as specialists from the Kyiv Scientific Research Institute of Forensics on how the scanners would be used on the ground, and the deputy prime minister of Luxembourg, Minister Francois Bausch on why it was supporting the donation of the scanners.


A resounding impact 

Through this strategy and execution, PAN and Artec 3D saw critical coverage. 

  • 5 interviews with key media – Daily Express, The i, Sky News, The Guardian, and The Evening Standard 
  • Coverage secured in BBC Click, BBC World Service Radio, and BBC national channels online, in print and on YouTube
  • Coverage on Sky News and on YouTube 
  • 2 billion readership
  • Articles syndicated 11 times

And the impact of the campaign has been resounding: 

  • Digital twins of evidence are now being used in International Criminal Court to hold Russia accountable for its crimes. 
  • Artec raised awareness of impact of Ukraine war and importance of preserving key cultural heritage sites. 
  • The campaign highlights the power of technology for social good. 

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