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Why Now? The Value of Strategic Consulting Communications

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Author: Darlene Doyle, Chief Client Officer at PAN Communications, headshot
Darlene DoyleChief Client Officer
PAN Strategic Consulting Group is here.

Big moments require big thinking. And big thinking is brought to life through great storytelling. We have had the privilege of telling a lot of amazing client stories over our 27 years in business, but something felt different about the stories in the last year.

The Transformative Power of Storytelling

While we marched on our clients’ journeys with them, moving from early to mid- to late-stage, we discovered that more of them were leaning on us as a partner in their big moments. Some were on their road to IPO, some were building their story post-acquisition, others were working through a crisis, and others were embarking on an employer-branding journey.

The underlying theme in each of these moments was the need — the imperative, really — for strategic storytelling. Each situation required a seat at the table for our senior team members to lend strategy, insights and best practices to build the story.

Big moments require big thinking. And big thinking is brought to life through great storytelling.

Each week we found our agency sharing more of these “moments,” celebrating our clients’ successes and sharing in the learnings to bring them to other clients. Our senior team members were lit up by the work.

For PAN, our moment has been turning something that happened organically in our client base into a true practice through our Strategic Consulting Group.

We want to continue to partner with our clients in these non-replicable, one-shot experiences to get it right — to tell their story.

In the coming months, we will be sharing some of our success stories, methodologies and best practices for guiding clients in these moments. We hope we get to work on one with you too.

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