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Top 10 SEO Influencers to Follow During 2017

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Understanding the importance of search engine optimization is the first step to driving traffic to your brand’s website – and ultimately creating more revenue. Now, you’re probably wondering, how can I possibly keep up with digital innovations in such a fast-paced industry? Interacting with top SEO influencers on social media is the key, and we’re here to give you a “best of the best” list.

1. Danny Sullivan (@dannysullivan): If you’re looking for an expert in all things SEO, Danny is your go-to guy. He’s been in marketing and journalism for over 20 years, and his understanding of the industry is incredible. Danny is the founding editor of three publications: Marketing Land, Search Engine Land and MarTech Today – and, as if that isn’t enough on his plate, he also produces the highly attended Search Marketing Expo Conferences. Follow Danny on twitter for updates on how to use search engine optimization to benefit your business amongst the digital clutter of 2017.


2. Andrew Shotland (@localseoguide): Recognizing the importance of SEO in digital marketing  is what Andrew makes his top priority. As the founder of Local SEO Guide, Andrew works with clients small and large to break through the clutter of the internet and ensure their website has a seat at the top of search results. Not sure what marketing techniques your company should employ to drive higher site traffic? Check out Andrew’s blog for the most up-to-date tips and tricks.


3. Wil Reynolds (@wilreynolds): As a digital marketing consultant in today’s world full of everything digital, Wil takes pride in being the best at what he does. His willingness to bounce ideas off team members, his quit wit and his knack for sticking to his roots is what drives Wil’s success. As founder of the Philadelphia-based consulting firm SEER Interactive, Wil is involved with everything SEO/SEM with one goal in mind: help clients build traffic and make money. Be sure to attend one of his keynote speaking events if you want to learn everything there is to know about SEO!

4. Shama Hyder (@Shama): Knowing that all facets of marketing are key to the success of your business is what Shama excels at. As founder and CEO of Marketing Zen, a full-service digital marketing firm, Shama helps clients grow into industry leaders through her expertise in social media, SEO, web design and PR. This talent is showcased in her best-selling bookThe Zen of Social Media Marketing, as well as her attendance as a keynote speaker for the Forbes’ 30 Under 30 event. Check out her website and blog for the latest in modern day marketing.

5. Lee Odden (@leeodden): Results are this guy’s middle name. This is evident in the tag line of his company Top Rank Marketing: “Smart, Creative, Focused on Results.” Lee is a keynote speaker worldwide who offers thought leadership in topics ranging from PR to SEO to digital and social media marketing. As co-founder and CEO of Top Rank, Lee has a huge hand in assisting large brands like Dell and LinkedIn with their marketing efforts. Browse his website for an extensive look at the services Lee and his team have to offer.

6. Julie Joyce (@JulieJoyce): Owner of Link Fish Media Inc. and co-founder/blogger for SEO Chick, Julie is always down to chat about how you can tackle your digital media fears and maximize website traffic. If you frequent Search Engine Land’s site, you’ll also find Julie’s monthly columns with the best SEO do’s and don’ts. Also check her out on twitter for up-to-date content!

7. Michael J. Schiemer (N/A): This one-man show works tirelessly to service clients around the globe with marketing techniques that help brands thrive in this fast-paced 21st century. Founded in 2009, Michael has taken Schiemer Consulting to new heights as he specializes in a wide range of categories including digital and social marketing, SEO and SEM, website design and reputation management. Michael’s knack for working with businesses of all sizes is what propels him through this competitive industry.

8. Aleyda Solis (@aleyda): If you’ve ever heard this woman speak at one of her 70 conferences in 17 different countries, then you know her talent knows no bounds. Aleyda started her company, Orainti, and professionally serves her clients with top-notch skills in web analytics, SEO consulting and digital marketing. Her bilingual abilities serve her well when she connects with global audiences and shares her marketing expertise. Check her out on twitter as she shares the latest SEO news and trends!


9. Pam Moore (@PamMktgNut): As CEO of marketingnutz, a company that helps brands implement new marketing and optimization programs, Pam has her hands full. If she’s not busy running her company, you’ll find her working on her best seller or speaking at a conference. She was recognized by Forbes as a Top 10 Social Media Power Influencer and has been an industry powerhouse for over 15 years. Her 293k following on twitter isn’t for nothing… check her out!

10. Angie Schottmuller (@aschottmuller): Angie eats, sleeps and breaths SEO. Focusing on conversion, optimization and digital marketing, her talents offer clients a wide array of marketing tools to choose from. Angie is director of interactive strategy and optimization at Three Deep Marketing and can frequently be found speaking at SES, SMX and OMS. Check out her articles in Search Engine Watch: They’re worth noting!

Although these individuals are prominent leaders in SEO, this list is certainly not comprehensive.

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