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The Top 10 Influencers You Need to Follow During RSA Conference 2018

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In the first two days of RSA Conference, there were more than 455 tweets per hour in relation to the show. Those numbers are only expected to increase over the next couple of days as the show continues and everyone looks to get the most return out of the conference. So, how are brands expected to stand out on social media when there is this much competition? There are several strategies to enhance your social presence during any crowded industry conference – one of the most successful being to engage and partner with influencers.

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Influencer marketing is an ideal way for brands to get that extra boost they need at conferences, in a way that’s truly impactful. Eighty-seven percent of B2B buyers are giving more credence to industry influencer content, making an influencer strategy a worthwhile investment for priority conferences like RSA.

Building influencer lists can be time consuming and in a space as robust as the cybersecurity industry, it can be difficult to figure out where to start. That’s why we’ve done the work for you! We looked at social media data around RSAC from April 2 – April 16 to see which influencers are being mentioned the most. Based on our analysis, here’s who you should be following and engaging with this year:

1. Evan Kirstel, @evankirstel (181K followers)

Kirstel is an internationally recognized thought leader and social media influencer focused on IoT, cloud, data security, health tech, digital health, B2B marketing, AI and more.

2. Michael Fisher, @fisher85M (44K followers)

Fisher is an analyst, technology evangelist and influencer focused on cybersecurity, digital transformation and VR.

3. Rich Tehrani, @rtehrani (16K followers)

Tehrani, CEO of TMC (Technology Marketing Corporation), is a sought-after speaker and an influencer focused on cloud, IoT, blockchain, cybersecurity, VoIP, AI and more.

4. Kevin L. Jackson, @Kevin_Jackson (102K followers)

Jackson is a technology author and the founder of GovCloud Network. His focus areas include cloud computing, cybersecurity and cognitive computing.

5. Eric Vanderburg, @evanderburg (134K followers)

Vanderburg is an author, consultant and speaker, with a strong social following. He’s a well-known cybersecurity influencer and blogs at Security Thinking Cap.

6. Bill Mew, @BillMew (6,117 followers)

Mew is a cloud strategist and founder of Mew Era Consulting. He’s a global influencer on a range of technology issues including GDPR, cloud computing, GovTech, OpenStack and more.

7. Tony Flath, @TmanSpeaks (3,856 followers)

Flath is a senior practice lead at TELUS Security and an influencer with a broad range of focus areas including cybersecurity, cloud computing, big data, AI and blockchain.

8. Dez Blanchfield, @dez_blanchfield (841K followers)

Blanchfield is a well-known global influencer, strategist and practitioner focused on data science, big data, analytics, machine learning, AI, cloud, cyber risk and more.

9. Jo Peterson, @digitalcloudgal (23.8K followers)

Peterson is the VP of Cloud Services at Clarify360, with expertise in IT optimization and strategic sourcing in cloud and cybersecurity. She also co-founded Cloud Girls, a community of female technology advocates.

10. Holger Mueller, @holgermu (37.7K followers)

Mueller, a VP and principal analyst at Constellation Research, focuses on technology optimization and innovation, consumerization of tech and the “new c-suite.”

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