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PAN Healthcare Leaders Chat Health Tech Trends Driving Conversations into 2024

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PAN Healthcare Leaders Chat Health Tech Trends Driving Conversations into 2024

Staying on top of the trends impacting your markets is paramount to a thoughtful and impactful PR and marketing program. It’s a long game that requires attention and agility — an essential ingredient to keeping your brand relevant and inserted into the conversations impacting audiences that matter most.

PAN’s Healthcare leadership team recently discussed the trends our practice is following on behalf of our client base as brands assess the impact of their PR and marketing campaigns, and begin to shift focus onto 2024 planning. The team also shared top observations at HLTH 2023 last month in Las Vegas and what they expect will be trending at events through the first half of the New Year.

The discussion builds on the recently launched PAN HealthPulse report, which analyzed the top media conversations driving headlines in healthcare, and offers meaningful strategies for companies of all sizes to understand their opportunity and meet their moment. Like HealthPulse, insights shared in this latest video are indicative of PAN’s industry expertise and broader perspective on the critical role of data to help brands stay ahead of trends that matter to their stakeholders

Check out the full video below.

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