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PAN Employees Reflect on 25 Years of Career Development and Mentorship

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pr and marketing career development

As PAN celebrates its 25th anniversary, we found it fitting to reflect on how the people across this agency have helped us grow our careers. Whether you’ve been with PAN for 25 years or 25 days, you can feel the impact of our focus on career development because we have some of the best coaches in the business. It’s nearly impossible not to learn something new each day.

In honor of this anniversary milestone, we’ve asked employees to share some of the most important skills they’ve learned at PAN or sound advice they’ve received from a mentor.

pr and marketing career development

“Since joining PAN fresh out of college, I’ve been able to grow as a PR professional and begin my career with the foundation I need to succeed. From media relations to integrated marketing, PAN has given me the opportunity to explore every area of public relations and more. I’m so thankful for my teams and mentors for helping me continue to learn something new each and every day!” – Brittany Bell, Account Executive, Orlando

“Take pride in the quality of your work and always end on a high.” – Kate Campbell, Director, Boston

“As a marketing practitioner that’s run the gamut of brand development, elevation and amplification, working at PAN has really helped hone my strategic approach due to the always-on access to what’s trending and where and really having a data-driven pulse on the key industries that matter most to my clients.” – Ashley Wallace Jones, Senior Marketing Account Supervisor, Boston

“We all need a good editor. Through the years I’ve worked with terrific managers who push writers to be clear – to get past the messaging and make sure people reading a release, byline or blog understand the point you’re trying to make.” – Mike O’Connell, Director, Boston

“The greatest piece of advice I have received is to not overstress the small stuff. The biggest thing I’ve learned as a manager at PAN is that no matter how high up the ladder you climb there’s always room for growth and self-improvement. Managing individuals with vastly different working styles and personalities can be a challenge, but it can also teach you things about yourself and where you can improve as a leader.” – Laura Beauregard, Senior Account Supervisor, Orlando

“Don’t water down a great idea by overthinking it. Trust your gut, knowledge and experience – they will take you far! And when someone with even more knowledge and experience grows that idea into something better, incorporate those lessons learned into your own toolkit.” – Emma Glaze, Junior Designer, Boston

“The most useful skillset I’ve gained since joining PAN is how to become a more empathetic leader. I’ve been lucky enough to work with many Directors, VPs, SVPs, and EVPs that have helped guide my career and my own leadership style. Tactical skills like how to draft a pitch or build relationships with reporters are obviously important, but learning how to lead with more empathy has made the biggest difference in my professional and personal life.” – Ashley Waters, Senior Account Supervisor, New York

“Working at PAN has greatly strengthened my ability to converse confidently with clients and professionals in the industry. I’ve been exposed to journalists, CEOs and PR teams alike, providing me with a great chance to learn about an array of areas within the industry. I’ve been lucky enough to attend a handful of large client events, all of which have been brilliant opportunities for me to engage with industry professionals and journalists.” – Josh Sterling, Account Executive, London

“Always continue to challenge yourself, even if it means carving out that challenge yourself.” – Kate Campbell, Director, Boston

“When I was moving through the ranks of Account Supervisor, Director and now Vice President, the best advice I received along the way was that the learning never stops. You get to see the agency and PR through a new lens, take on new ownership and help contribute to the brand in new and exciting ways. That it’s less about what changes and more about what doesn’t: With every opportunity comes new expectations but always the benefit to learn.” – Matthew Briggs, Vice President, Boston

“Watch The Bachelor and be sure to schedule time each day for last-minute assignments.” – Kyle Moschen, Assistant Account Executive, Boston

“The most important thing I’ve learned since joining PAN is to find ways to add value. If you aren’t getting the media results you anticipated and you’ve done everything possible with no success, consider how can you leverage other tactics to help achieve the same end goal. Consider using an alternative channel, like social media, or doing some award nominations. There are multiple paths to success, so don’t get stuck in the mud!” – Cori Kendrick, Senior Account Supervisor, Boston

“PAN takes its mentoring seriously – everyone is approachable, no matter their seniority. The best piece of advice I’ve received from mentors at PAN is to be a sponge when it comes to the media. To make it in this career, curiosity is everything. From finance press to wacky podcasts, you need to be absorbing it all.” – Alice Humphreys, Senior Account Executive, London

“When I joined PAN most of my experience was in traditional illustration, but the amazing talents in the creative department have turned me into an Adobe Suite nut! Between Bret’s encyclopedic knowledge and Jen’s bottomless well of experience, I’m learning something new every day. ?” – Emma Glaze, Junior Designer, Boston

“In my role on PAN’s business development team, one of the most useful things I’ve learned over the years is how to best anticipate and understand the needs, challenges and goals of the today’s marketer.” – John Vernon, Business Development Manager, San Francisco

“Whenever I was stressed, [my VP] Katie always reminded me that you can only do your best. That was always a great reminder that I can’t control everything, and as long as I’m doing my best, it’ll all work out.” – Kellie Woods, Senior Media Relations Specialist, Orlando

“Learn to take risks. If you don’t, you won’t grow.” – Kate Campbell, Director, Boston

“The greatest piece of advice a PAN mentor has given me was regarding a pitch I was sending to a journalist. The key piece of instruction advised me to make sure I give the journalist something they actually want, and to word it in a fashion that might interest them. Although this tip sounds rather insipid, this advice is crucial for every sell-in and engagement with journalists and clients. Since this, I’ve tried to create brief, punchy pitches that hopefully hook the journalist into the story I want them to feature.” – Josh Sterling, Account Executive, London

One of the best pieces of advice I’ve received here at PAN is from my dedicated SVP, Megan Kessler. She told me to turn up the heat because I had a team supporting me every step of the way. Translation: Hold yourself accountable, give yourself zero breaks to achieve your goals and when demonstrating value to a client, the sky is the limit. This translates nicely into a media-driven skillset in which I feel lucky to hone every day with the support of my PAN fam and dedicated career coaches.” – Abbey Clark, Senior Account Executive, Boston

“Being a good manager doesn’t mean doing everything yourself. It means investing in developing your teammates, tapping into their strengths and training for their weaknesses. The result is a more productive team where everyone adds value and has a role.” – Jenny Radloff, Director, Boston

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