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PAN Communications Finds Critical Discrepancies Between Brand Stories and Audience Perceptions 

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PAN Communications, a leading integrated marketing and PR firm for B2B tech and healthcare brands, today published a new original research report that shares insights into the way marketing teams communicate brand stories and what consumers expect from those stories. 

The research aimed to show both relationships and gaps between the approach that brands take to build, position and distribute their stories and the ways that a consumer audience finds, consumes and experiences them. PAN surveyed 100 senior marketers between September 29 and October 27, 2022 on their methods for brand storytelling. They also surveyed 1000 consumers via Dynata, a global online market research firm, between October 27 and 28, 2022, on how they perceive brand stories.  

The results were analyzed for distribution in a report, “Missed Connections: Why Stories Don’t Find Their Audience — and How to Fix It,” which is available now. Here are a few of the key insights from the report: 

  • Marketers are not telling authentic brand stories. Just 30% of those surveyed said they rarely or never face pressure to tell inauthentic stories.  
  • Consumers are confused by leadership roles. Just 3% say leadership is the most important part of a brand story, but 71% say the values of individual leaders directly impact brand reputation. 
  • Honesty is paramount. 42% of consumers agree they would remain loyal to an honest brand even if it did not have the best product or service.  

“Missed Connections” is the inaugural entry into the PAN Communications Brand Experience Report series, a new initiative launched on the heels of annual Content Fitness Report which the firm pivoted from in 2021 after eight consecutive years of research.  

“Helping marketers to better understand how and where their stories should land is just one reason we continue to explore the psychology of the marketer/customer experience,” says PAN CMO Mark Nardone. “We have always been an agency that shares knowledge and experiences so marketers can use our data in their day-to-day storytelling efforts. The Brand Experience series reflects a new era of challenge and opportunity for our industry, and we’re excited to see how this ongoing research supports better connection with audiences.” 

This release originally appeared on Accesswire

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