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PAN Communications Continues Growth and Momentum in New York

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PAN Communications New York
Award-winning talent and culture spurs impressive X-tech account wins and revenue growth marked by agency’s first two years in New York City

PAN Communications, an integrated marketing and PR agency for B2B tech and healthcare brands, today celebrated the two-year anniversary of the grand opening of the firm’s New York office. The new space, affectionately termed “PANhattan,” has become a hub for integrated marketing and PR professionals who are seeking an agency with a strong culture, a focus on career development and an office that is central to the Silicon Alley tech hub – three boxes that the Empire State Building-based office checks.

September marks two years since PAN officially opened its doors in New York, and the firm hasn’t looked back since. With impressive account wins such as Augury, Bamboo Rose and Intelligence Node, PAN’s X-tech expertise has grown immensely since entering the market. Vice President and General Manager Ryan Wallace oversees the agency’s New York office. His extensive tech PR background has helped leverage the firm’s deep industry experience in the adtech, martech and retail tech spaces across New York’s thriving tech metropolis.

Since its opening, PANhattan has nearly tripled in revenue, bringing PAN’s regional presence to an all-time high. Having feet on the ground in New York has also given the firm ample opportunity to meet face to face with clients, providing customers with the personalized services they expect when working with a mid-sized agency. PAN’s New York office has also won several notable awards for client campaign performance – which is attributed to the incredible talent that the agency has cultivated within the region.

“Our people, expertise and New York presence have all grown exponentially since formally establishing ourselves in market two years ago, and our focus on training and developing our employees has made all the difference. Leading this group has been an incredible opportunity,” said Wallace. “The team has risen to the challenge of becoming a go-to tech PR and marketing firm in the city, and we’re just getting started. We look forward to riding this momentum and capitalizing on the growing regional opportunities that present themselves every day.”


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