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PAN Communications Celebrates 25 Years of Innovation and Excellence in PR

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Agency reflects on the changes in technology and skillset that have shaped its services for today’s digital-driven B2B brands

PAN Communications, an independent, integrated marketing and PR firm for B2B tech and healthcare brands, is celebrating its 25th year in business since opening its doors in 1995. PAN’s growth as an award-winning agency has helped establish the firm as a change agent in the PR and marketing industry. Throughout this year’s anniversary campaign, PAN will reflect on the major milestones it has shared over the years with clients, employees and peers who have helped significantly impact and transform the industry.

After spending 10+ years in the suburbs, the firm moved its headquarters to downtown Boston in 2011, embarking on a new decade of growth and success across the city’s PR scene. During this time, the leadership team remained forward-thinking as the industry evolved and the next-gen PR pro came to fruition. As a result, the firm became an early adopter of the integrated marketing and PR framework, challenging brands to think differently about the way they engage with the agency model.

Following two successful acquisitions – Vantage PR and Capella PR – the firm now boasts five offices and over 150 employees internationally. Leaning on several culture and leadership accolades, the agency has proudly contributed to a quarter-century of discovery and advancement in PR and integrated marketing practices. These changes afforded PAN the opportunity to hire great talent and work with many cutting-edge technology brands, leading to its recognition from The Holmes Report as Technology Agency of the Year in 2018 and Medium PR Firm of the Year from PR News in 2019.

Today, PAN is a mid-sized firm that attracts B2B brands through its ability to think creatively and bring customer ideas to life, all while remaining grounded in data and analytics. With storytelling at the heart of PAN’s approach, the agency continues to support B2B growth journeys, increasing awareness and driving revenue for brands at every stage.

“Ever since my days as a receptionist, I knew that I wanted to start an agency, but I never could have imagined that it would reach the level of growth and industry recognition that PAN has today,” said Philip A. Nardone, President and CEO. “The PR industry has evolved tremendously since we opened our doors, and I am grateful for the endless support from our employees and clients who have helped us get here. I look forward to celebrating our 25th anniversary by continuing to instill the core values that make up our firm – trust, transparency, people and client-first philosophy. No matter the challenge, caring about our employees and clients drives us every day as we strive to impact positive change.”

PAN’s voice and impact has extended well beyond the agency’s walls, nurturing next-gen PR professionals through Nardone’s 15+ years of experience as an adjunct professor at Syracuse University. The focus on cultivating an agency with passionate and driven people has produced a workforce that attracts award-winning talent and disruptive B2B brands. Nardone’s desire to help shape today’s PR professionals and his contributions to the PR industry were recognized when he received the John J. Molloy Crystal Bell Lifetime Achievement Award in 2016.

Establishing roots that stretch beyond Boston and into markets like Silicon Valley, New York City, Orlando and the UK, PAN has been at the forefront of today’s emerging technology sectors. Most notably, PAN has gained extensive knowledge and experience in areas like AI, digital health, FinTech, CRM, DevOps, RetailTech, LegalTech, big data and more, influencing the way brands approach new markets and implement growth strategies. The agency has worked with a multitude of successful brands over the past 25 years and is proud to have built lasting relationships with so many of the industry’s leading marketers.

“Partnerships that last decades, through various companies, promotions and market changes, require trust, constant creativity and fresh perspectives. I’ve partnered with and grown alongside PAN throughout the past 20 years of my career, and there isn’t a challenge that this agency hasn’t risen to,” said Andre Pino, vice president of marketing at CloudBees. “PAN represents a culture of marketing and PR professionals, who are eager to learn, passionate about their clients and know the B2B tech industry inside and out. They always answer the question, ‘what’s next?’ and drive our programs there. From our early days together to today’s integrated marketing work at CloudBees, I couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve accomplished together. Congratulations to Phil, Mark and the entire PAN team – what an incredible milestone achievement!”


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