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Mental Health Awareness Month Client Spotlight: Brightside Health

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Content warning: This article contains reference to and discussion of self-harm. Click here to return to general content.

At PAN, we have the opportunity to work with brands making a difference in the world. We are fortunate to amplify their stories and help them meet their moment.

Of the healthcare sectors we support, mental health is one that has a profound impact culturally and professionally. As we reflect on Mental Health Awareness Month, we wanted to spotlight some of our client work and their impact on consumers and the healthcare industry at large.

Catering to High-risk Patients via Telemental Healthcare

PAN’s partnership with telemental health company Brightside Health focuses on elevating the brand’s market presence in a crowded market. What makes Brightside Health unique is its delivery of life-changing mental healthcare to individuals with mild-to-severe clinical depression, anxiety and other mood disorders via telehealth. Most telemental health solutions cater to patients with lower levels of anxiety and depression, but Brightside Health recognized the need to more effectively treat individuals with severe conditions, including those with suicidal ideation and elevated suicide risk. 

Powered by proprietary AI, purpose-built technology and a world-class clinician network, Brightside Health combines precision psychiatry and leading-edge therapeutic techniques to improve patient outcomes across the entire clinical spectrum, affordably and at scale.

“PAN has been a great partner to Brightside Health, and we are grateful for their support in helping us achieve our mission of delivering life-changing mental health care to everyone who needs it.”

Mark Jacobson, Chief Marketing Officer, Brightside Health

Brightside Health’s impact is clear: Within 12 weeks, 86% of their patients experience clinically significant improvement, with 71% of patients achieving remission during the same period, per research published in BMC Psychiatry. Additionally, a peer-reviewed study in JMIR Formative Research highlighted the efficacy of telehealth and antidepressant intervention to reduce suicidal ideation, proving individuals in the treatment group were 4.3 times more likely to have suicidal ideation remission than those in the control group.

These are impressive stats, especially when you consider the impact. Approximately 12M Americans consider suicide each year, and those contemplating suicide often wait weeks or months to be seen by a professional. They don’t have time to wait, and telehealth can fill that critical gap in care.  

In addition to bringing awareness to these powerful results, PAN drives a comprehensive thought leadership program through events, media engagements and rapid-response outreach. We carefully consider each story and how Brightside Health can advance the conversation, leading to market-moving coverage in Inside Health Policy (paywall), MedCity News, Healthcare IT News and more. 

PAN’s Commitment to Mental Health

As an organization, PAN prioritizes the mental health of our employees in multiple ways, including designated Mental Health Days to prioritize rest and recharging, employee resources and more. Beyond our company commitments, we’re honored to support clients whose mission is to expand access and quality treatment options to patients across the country, and advance the idea that prioritizing mental healthcare is just as important as physical health.

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