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Media Training Q&A with SAP

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Author: Darlene Doyle, Chief Client Officer at PAN Communications, headshot
Darlene DoyleChief Client Officer
Media Training Q&A: Darlene Doyle, SVP at PAN, Sits Down with Stacy Ries, Senior Director, Global Press Relations for SAP Industries

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What are the key moments or “triggers” for getting executives media trained? Are there specific times this is top of mind for you?

The start of a new fiscal year is a good time for us as many execs are in new roles and want an opportunity to practice their talk track before media meetings at key annual events.

What is your primary goal in the media trainings?

To help the executives deliver crisp and concise messages to the media audience – they are very successful salespeople and the media training helps them shift their messaging slightly to resonate with a media audience.

How do you find executives react to the training? 

Very positively – they welcome an opportunity to improve their media skills.

Do you see common misconceptions or “fears” from executives when it comes to talking to the media? 

Yes, regardless of the executive’s skill level – there is always an element of suspense that comes with being in front of a “hot mic” – and as they move up the ladder in terms of responsibility, the caliber of the media they are engaging with increase as well.

How have you seen media training help address those misconceptions or fears? 

The mock interviews were the most valuable part of the training – both to practice new techniques and to get comfortable with the process. Also, execs of all levels appreciate the list of “gotchas” we shared and the topics to avoid. 

Attributed to Stacy Ries, Senior Director, Global Press Relations for SAP Industries

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