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IoT World Checklist: Start Prepping with these 10 Essential Items

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IoT World is fast approaching, and many in the industry know this event is not one to be missed. It’s one of the world’s largest IoT events and is being held this year in Santa Clara, May 10th – 12th. It includes a cutting edge speaker line-up, a superior program filed with topics like smart cities and the future of connected cars, not to mention a killer opportunity to accomplish some networking.

It’s well known that before attending any event you should do a little advanced prep. For example, you should ask: What are you going to bring with you? Have you tackled your schedule yet?  Are you familiar with the area?

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Below is a checklist to help you get organized before you go to Santa Clara and, let’s face it – get a little excited too!

  1. Review Your Briefing Book: Your PR agency has probably sent you a briefing book full of analysts and media to meet with at the show. Make sure you print out a copy and do some studying in advance. Have some key talking points on hand and take a look at the reporters’ and analysts’ pictures to make sure you’ll recognize them.
  2. Alternate Briefing Locations: So you don’t have a booth this year. That’s ok! There are plenty of great locations next door to the convention center where you can meet press and not miss out on any opportunities. For example, The Hyatt Regency has a simple café & bar called Evolution. If that’s not to your liking, try the Starbucks at the Hilton or if you are looking for something a little fancier try their restaurant, La Fontana, but make sure you make a reservation first.
  3. Know your Hashtags: Incorporate the right hashtags while you are at the show for maximum exposure on Twitter. This year use the hashtag “#iotworld16”.
  4. Don’t Forget Company Swag: Does your company have notebooks, pens, hats or umbrellas that you can take with you? Even if you aren’t at a booth this year it’s great to have a little something on hand so that new contacts will remember you.
  5. Pack Your Business Cards: Remember to take enough business cards with you and make sure that your title and email address are up to date. If this isn’t an option, an alternative would be to download the LinkedIn app so that you are connecting with people on the spot.
  6. Download the Conference App: The IoTWorld Conference app is a great way to stay on track because it will prompt you with upcoming keynote sessions, programs and networking events. Remember to allow for push notifications so that you get all of those alerts.
  7. Make a List of Key Individuals to connect with: There are probably several people that you would like to meet at IoTWorld. The best thing to do is make a list that includes: new business prospects, influencers, analysts and media. Don’t make your list too overwhelming, but do start connecting with these people in advance of the show. Our list of 11 top IoT analysts will help you get a head start.
  8. Get the Most out of the Conference: Attending IoT World is not only a great sales opportunity but it’s also full of marketing potential. Start thinking about blog posts, videos, pictures, Q&A opportunities and of course social media campaigns.
  9. Bring a Cell Phone Charger: You are going to be on your phone constantly during this conference. Whether it’s tweeting out the latest trend or setting up a last minute briefing, make sure that you don’t run out of power or you might miss a big opportunity.
  10. Follow Up After the Conference: While sending a nice note on LinkedIn after you meet someone at a conference is a nice touch, why not go above and beyond by sending your potential prospect or new media relationship a few resources? Send them something of value like a case study or a few relevant articles, instead of a generic note.

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