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Here’s What We Love About Working in PAN’s Boston Office

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Alyssa TysonSenior Marketing Manager

PAN was born in Boston, but back in December, we announced the acquisition of San Francisco-based Vantage PR. This meant a lot of things, but one of the biggest was a growing national footprint. With Boston as our headquarters, PAN Communications also has offices in San Francisco and Orlando.

To celebrate the official integration of Vantage PR to PAN Communications, we had an office competition for best representation of the cities in which we have offices.

Check out Boston’s pic below!

“Love being so close to the water and having lunch or TB’s outside on the Greenway during the summer!” – Katelyn Campbell, Senior Account Supervisor

“I moved here 8 years ago and have worked in different parts of Boston over that time. I have absolutely loved seeing this city grow – especially over the last 5 years. The skyline and street corners have changed along with my commutes and it’s been so fun to watch! Oh, and ocean view!” – Kelli Fletcher, Account Supervisor

“The excitement of the city and being close to our amazing clients.” – Matthew Briggs, Director

“Just walking around. Being in Boston, you can walk 10-15 minutes in any direction and see an ocean, an eclectic Italian neighborhood, a picturesque Greenway, skyscrapers, the Boston Common, statues, fountains and tons of characters. Working in the suburbs, you can see highways, parking garages, parking lots, maybe some woods. No comparison.” – Michael O’Connell, Senior Account Supervisor 

“The people and the views!!” – Chris Todd, Intern

“That you can take a boat to the office’s front door.” – Adam Novak, Account Supervisor

“We work in the best part of the city! It is beautiful year-round but I particularly love when the weather gets nicer and I can go lounge in one of the public hammocks or hanging porch swings on the Greenway. Instant relaxation!” – Liz Aguilo, Human Resources Manager

“Seeing the Bunker Hill monument from my cube and visiting the aquarium and seals at lunch in the summer!” – Gaby Berkman, Senior Account Executive

“Personally, my favorite thing about Boston is the architecture. Walking around the city makes it feel like you’re in an art museum every day. Another thing is that Boston has the perfect equilibrium of a New York cut-throat city feel and a laid-back family oriented suburban feel.” – Lina Fahmy, Intern

“I love the location of our office being on the water! And going to the Landing in the summer!” – Courtney Laub, Account Executive

“The best part of working in Boston is the location — being right on the water in a major city is amazing!” – Alice Sol, Account Executive

“Favorite things about working in Boston… Having a view of Custom House from my desk each day; Lunchtime walks in the summer time along the Harbor and Greenway; Great options for post-work dinner & drinks; Easy access to the airport, local clients, public transportation; We always have fun summer outings and holiday parties because of this location (including our most recent outing at the New England Aquarium!)”  Jenny Gardynski, Account Supervisor

“I love being able to walk to the North End for dinner with friends and family and I love the view of the water from our office.” – Elizabeth Famiglietti, Executive Vice President, Human Resources

“There is always a new restaurant to check out, some that are right next door (in North End, Seaport District, etc.) And, the view ain’t so bad from our PAN Boston office, either!” – Taylor Johnson, Account Executive 

“The beautiful waterfront. The greenway. Shopping close by. Restaurants and bars. Gene.” – Lisa Astor, Senior Vice President

“As someone who lives outside the city, I like that working in the city gives me a chance to really enjoy it and have daily access to the city, including the waterfront view and Boston Public Market.” – Marki Conway, Account Supervisor

“The view, of course! And Chicken and Rice Guys!” – Maggie Woodward, Account Executive

“The best thing about being in Boston is that it adds a lot of possibilities to the work/life balance. After work, there is always something to do, like taking in a hockey game, going out to dinner in the North End, or meeting people for drinks. Lots of excuses for leaving work early!” – Gene Carozza, Senior Vice President

“Favorite thing about working in Boston: Fresh off Saint Patrick’s Day I love the deep Irish heritage that is still so prominent in the city. While the hundreds of drunken party goers on Saint Paddy’s aren’t the best representation of what it means to be Irish (to some people), it certainly shows the pride nonetheless!” – Caitlyn Keating, Account Supervisor

“Boston accents!” – Tiffany Darmetko, Vice President

“The wicked pissah food scene.” – David Saggio, Vice President

Phil’s fish tank.” – Lydia Fakhouri, Vice President

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