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Giving Thanks in 2023: Iconic Pop Culture, Feminism and More

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Marki ConwayDirector

Each year, before we break to spend time with family and friends for Thanksgiving, the PAN team comes together to think about what we’re most grateful for this year, both personally and professionally.

As I sat down this year to think about a theme for this year’s post, I couldn’t help but think about the juxtaposition of this year’s news cycle. In a world that is saddened and maddened by volatile politics, international conflicts, and ongoing injustices, this year had a bright (pink) spot that stood out to bring our society some much-needed levity. I’m talking about what I believe will go down in history as pop culture year for the books. I realize Fall Out Boy has already recorded an updated version of Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire,” but if someone wants to give it another go, they’d have enough material in 2023 alone to record perhaps an entire album.

While we can’t and shouldn’t ignore the heavier news items that deserve our attention — and our votes in local and national elections — it’s important to balance the dark with the light. In terms of entertainment and pop culture, 2023 did not disappoint in doing just that.

From the Barbie movie, to Rihanna playing 2023’s Superbowl half-time show, to Taylor Swift, Beyonce and Pink! all touring sold-out U.S. shows this year, and even the Scandoval heard ‘round the world — there was no shortage of material for entertaining TikToks and Internet memes. Not to be overlooked, it was also a banner year for the feminist movement, as female entertainers dominated the headlines while male pro-footballers become more well-known for their famous girlfriends than they are for points scored on the grid iron.

So this year, many of us at PAN are grateful for an entertaining year of pop culture led by inspiring females. Read on to see more about what our team is thankful for this year. But, before we get into individual sayings of gratitude, I leave you with this.

In honor of Matthew Perry, could we be any more thankful? Rest in peace to a Friend to everyone.

Family, Friends and Health

“Beyond grateful to be able to travel and prioritize friends and family, while also garnering great results for my clients at PAN and growing our family business.” — Jess Tasman, Senior Account Executive, Orlando

“I am endlessly grateful for all of the wonderful people in my life — family, friends, colleagues, mentors – that support me. It’s a great feeling to be independent, but know I have people who care about me. I’m also grateful to have an amazing dedicated who submitted a thankfulness quote on my behalf in 2022 so I wouldn’t be left out. ❤.” — Kally Lavoie, Senior Account Supervisor, Virtual

“I am SO thankful and grateful for the PANid Belonging, Retention, and Recruitment committee. From getting our PANpov blog series off the ground to hosting several discussion groups and learning sessions, this talented group of people came together to foster belonging and understanding across a range of topics and social themes. I’m so proud of the work that was put in this year and look forward to even more great things to come in 2024!” — Dina Magdovitz, Senior Account Supervisor, Orlando

“I’m thankful for my health, happiness, and community — personally and professionally. Blessed to work with such creative, resourceful, and inspiring teams that keep me on my toes and make me a better marketer each and every day. Grateful for my wonderful husband and even more wonderful pup, who bring me endless joy and laughs … and Marki, always Marki.” — Lauren Kaufman, Vice President, Marketing & Analytics

“I am thankful that soup is a snack.” — Probably Laura Beauregard, Vice President, Orlando (submitted by Brittany Poulin)

“Beyond grateful for Brittany Poulin and her love to stir the pot and bring up old office debates around whether soup is a meal or snack. Thanks for making my blood boil. Love you!” — Laura Beauregard, Vice President, Orlando

“I’m most thankful for my son Pearson, and that my wife and I were able to welcome a happy and healthy baby into this world. I am thankful for all the love he gives us and others give him. I’m also thankful and proud to officially call myself a PAN employee! Lastly, I am thankful for my colleagues and new work fam for welcoming me and getting me up to speed on all things PAN.” — Chris Nardone, Vice President, Chicago

“I’m grateful to officially enter the time of year when fuzzy socks, cappuccinos, and Love Actually are socially acceptable. Also very grateful I finally get to work with PAN legend, Marki.” — Audrey Surette, Account Supervisor, Virtual (DC)

“I’m grateful for two spunky toddlers, my Costco membership, and Kari Hulley’s design wizardry.” — Katie Johnston, Senior Account Supervisor, Philly

“Super grateful I picked the right time to start watching the Rockets again … they’ll shatter my dreams again, but it’s nice to be delusional for a while” — Bimbola Fadairo, Account Coordinator, UK

“I’m thankful to live near family so I can watch my niece grow up! [Also,] I can’t even put into words how thankful I am for my dog. She lights up my life and I love her so much.” — Jessica Knight, Account Executive, Michigan

“Thankful for my new grandson Pearson.” — Philip A. Nardone, Jr., President & Chief Executive Officer

“I’m grateful for New York Times word games (mainly sending my Connections scores to Allison Wade and Lauren Warble) and the fact that both the writers and actors strikes are over because I need new seasons of all my favorite shows in 2024 (looking at you, HBO and Apple TV). I’m also thankful that Lauren got sweet puppy Bodhi this year because having dogs in your life makes everything better! Lastly, I am once again grateful for unlimited PTO because if you know me, you know how much this benefit means to me!!” — Emily Hubbard, Senior Account Executive, San Francisco

“I am thankful for IT’s crisis response time and for Puttshack’s (very) heavy pours.” — Kate Adams, Account Supervisor, Boston

“I am thankful to have the best of both worlds. I can spend time with my family doing all the wonderful things the great State of Maine has to offer. But I’m also thankful for spending more time together with my PAN colleagues (like Marki, of course) and friends in Boston and beyond. It really feels like The Way Life Should Be.” — Adam Brovak, Vice President, You Already Know Where

“I’m so thankful I got engaged to my best friend this year! It’s a fun season of life and I’m grateful for all those who’ve helped us celebrate — both at work and beyond.” — Sophie Tsagronis, Senior Account Executive, Virtual

“So grateful for my family and their endless support” — Elizabeth Famiglietti, Chief People & Culture Officer, Boston

“I’m also thankful for my beautiful daughter that has changed our family in the best ways possible this year.” — Emily Holt, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Boston

HyFlex and Top-Notch Colleagues

“So grateful to work alongside the wonderfully talented, hard-working and dedicated members of team Mojo. Also grateful that my family and I had a fantastic first year settling into our new home in Andover (also known as PAN’s birthplace).” — Kathryn McMahon Arrigg, Vice President, Boston

“Grateful for my teams & the stories we’re telling to help make healthcare more accessible and empathetic for all. Incredibly thankful for my supervisors who push to my full potential each day (lookin’ at you: Alex, Katie, Kate, Alyssa, and Maya) and the best dedicated around (Kath)! Most importantly, I’m grateful for my communities & people, Goose & Teddy, delicious food, travel, belly laughs, and reaching one year in remission.” — Olivia Mannion, Senior Account Executive, Virtual

“This year, following the birth of my first child, I’m incredibly grateful for my wonderful little family. Time with my daughter has been the biggest joy, and for that I am also grateful to work for a company that supported my growing family with maternity leave. Returning to work around this time of year also makes me extra appreciative for a job and colleagues that allow me the flexibility to balance life as a new mama so I can continue to thrive in my newest role as working mom.” — Angelica English, Senior Account Supervisor, Boston

“I am always thankful for our remote/HyFlex model that allows me to be present for my family’s big, little, and everything in between moments … and my teams, dedicateds and PAN leadership that, maybe unknowingly, are part of our ‘village.’ Also, coffee. My inner Gilmore Girl is forever grateful.” — LeeAnn Coviello, Director, Boston

“So grateful for my amazing teams, peers and mentors. There isn’t a more supportive and caring group of individuals than this group and I am so thankful to have you all by my side.” — Laura Beauregard, Vice President, Orlando

“This year, I’m especially #grateful for remote collaboration technology that lets me cry with my virtual teammates, like Marin Fulton, no matter where we are in the country. Also, grateful that I started working with Natasha Koleas at the same time I started VPR, so I always have someone to bother now with any Bravo related thoughts. Also, grateful for Marki … obviously!” — Emma Nugent, Account Executive, Pittsburgh

“I am so thankful I have the flexibility and freedom of working from home, but thanks to PAN I have gotten to spend some quality in person time with Texas-based coworkers recently. What’s better than HyFlex?” — Brittany Eagar, Director, Austin

“I am incredibly thankful that I have the ability to learn from and be constantly surrounded by some of the most bright, supportive, and creative bunch across my accounts — and hitting my three-year PANanniversary in September! This year, I was allowed the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone by pitching my first in-person new business deck, which resulted in a mix of both personal growth and new challenges, giving me more confidence in my role and I honestly can’t imagine myself anywhere else but here at PAN! ?” — Julienne Hughes, Account Eexecutive, Boston

“I am grateful the ‘Sunday Scaries’ are in my rearview since joining PAN — thanks largely due to the ridiculously smart, mind-blowingly talented, and authentically kind humans I now have the honor of calling my colleagues.” — Katie Weedman, Senior Content Manager, Virtual (Milwaukee, WI)

“I am thankful every day for teamwork and creativity, for my clients and the innovation they are pushing in their industries, and for the opportunity to shape their story with the best in the business. I am also grateful to work for an agency that values its employees, their passion areas, personal pursuits, one that understands family balance and that invests in furthering our diversity and inclusion.” — Matthew Briggs, SVP, Boston

“Grateful for my dedicated, Paige, and teams for an amazing six months interning at PAN, I’ve learned so much and laughed even more! Thank you!!”  — Christie Chery, PR Intern, Boston

“This year I am thankful for the PANHattan crew’s cheerful participation in my impromptu themed days such as ‘Long Skirt Tuesday,’ ‘Casual Wednesdays’ or ‘Leather Boots Thursday.’ Also, feeling thankful to work with people who are always down to engage in post work shenanigans. #ESB4EVER. Lastly, thankful for Marki and her commitment to proper formatting and punctuation. #AllCommasMatter” — Roxanne Menchaca, Account Executive, NYC

“I’m incredibly thankful for the work/life balance and flexible work that PAN affords. It’s made it possible to travel all over the past year — from honeymooning in the Dominican Republic, to hitting the slopes in Jackson Hole, to being at my niece’s 1st birthday party in my hometown in WV. I’ve been able to make memories and gain meaningful experiences, all while working for a company and with team members I love!” — Sarah Sturba, Account Supervisor, Virtual/North Carolina

“I’m very thankful to be here at PAN, supporting Phil, his C-Suite team and all of you!” – Teresa Alexander, Executive Assistant, Boston

“Grateful would be an understatement to how I feel about the outpouring of love and support I received from all my PAN peeps when I had surgery over the summer and was out on short term medical leave. I was able to step away stress free and come back to work when I felt ready. I’ve always known PAN has a stellar team of people and this experience solidified that even more for me. ❤” — Dina Magdovitz, Senior Account Supervisor, Orlando

“Forevaaaaaaaaa grateful for the short commute to work (aka my living room), and beyond thankful to have the opportunity to work with such talented, dedicated, and smart individuals every day. I’m so lucky to know you all!! #myteamsrock ?” — Thania Menjivar, Account Executive, PAN Virtual/Texas

“I’m beyond thankful for the support of my teams. Being a first time Mom has brought its challenges but having the best colleagues has made the transition so smooth and I’m beyond grateful for that!” — Emily Holt, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Boston

“I am grateful for my parents, may they rest in peace and for my children, watching them grow up to be amazing adults.” — Kim Spiller, Director, Revenue Accounting, Boston

Saying Thanks to Taylor Swift, And Other Pop Culture Icons

“I am thankful that Mother released two re-recorded albums this year and put Travis Kelce on the map.” — Brittany Poulin, Account Supervisor, Orlando

“I’m thankful for a year where women got the well-deserved recognition for being massive drivers of the economy. From Barbie to Beyonce and of course Taylor Swift, I’ve loved reading all the headlines around how women lift up economies and the importance of that impact, coupled with the messaging that resonates most with this consumer audience — authenticity and empowerment.” – Ashley Waters, Vice President Media Relations, Philadelphia

“I’m thankful to marry the love of my life this year!!! Also, that I managed to get us unreal tickets for Taylor Swift’s concert at Foxboro so she could brag to her friends that she went and they didn’t ?!” — Tre Nardone, Business Development Manager, Boston

“Scandoval, Taylor Swift and really all things Bravo, and that I get to share updates on this daily across my favorite account team, the one I share with Marki of course.” — Natasha Koleas, Account Supervisor, NYC

“Thankful to my family and friends for their support as I got married this year, and thankful to my new husband for getting me Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran tickets so I could brag to my friends. Also thankful that Marki, undeniably a fashion icon, taught me flare jeans are officially back in.” — Kari Hulley, SVP, Boston 

Grateful for All Things Marki

“I’m thankful for Marki’s appreciation for em dashes even though she tricked me into thinking Mavenlink actually made us the mobile app we all deserve.” — Samantha Smoak, Director, Nashville

“I’m thankful that Marki was able to show me a thing or two about putting recently at the Putt Shack outing with our Boston team. Maybe this spring she’ll give me some real golf lessons!” — Mark Nardone, Chief Marketing Officer, Boston

“As always, I’m thankful for my dogs that I will not and cannot shut up about, and for Marki’s commitment to every minor detail.” — Marin Fulton, Account Supervisor, Virtual (San Diego)

“Grateful that I finally got to meet the famous (or infamous? Not really sure) Marki, whose had an incredible impact on the entire Nardone family the past decade. My uncle, brother and sister-in-law always told me how cool she was, I’m grateful I finally got to experience it myself in Boston and she never even called me Tre, not once.” — Chris Nardone, Vice President, Chicago

“I’m thankful for my three little chihuahuas, who weigh less than a single cocker spaniel but have the energy and personality of 50 Labradors. Also grateful that after FAR too long of a hiatus, I got to see Marki not once, not twice, but THREE times this year!” — Mike O’Connell, Content Director, Boston

“Grateful that Marki took it easy on me even though I didn’t properly follow formatting instructions and it required her to overthink spelling my last name not one, not two — but now THREE times.” — Dina Magdovitz, Senior Account Supervisor, Orlando

“I’m grateful that my husband dragged me moved with me and our family to Maine, for the Caesar’s Palace Hangover Suite, for hiding under beds/in bathrooms in Vegas, and that Marki has been such an integral part of our journey. Also grateful for that time Marki competed in a Ruckus race with me and helped me get through it, really pushing me over each obstacle to make sure I finished. Marki herself finished the entire thing with ease, no problems. Briggs was there too and she also helped him over the finish line. Real athlete, that Marki.” — Ariel Novak, Vice President, Maine

“Last but not least, I’m grateful for my PAN colleagues, past and present, who’ve been so supportive of everything I do in and out of the office, and thankful to PAN’s marketing team for letting me write this ridiculous blog post for the past 12 years.” — Marki Conway, Vice President and Office Comic Relief, Boston

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