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Empowering Possibilities: PAN Communications Launches New Brand and Website

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empowering possibilities: pan launches new brand and website

Leveraging marketing and PR expertise, agency seamlessly bridges brand awareness and demand generation to ignite growth

BOSTON, MA / May 1, 2024 / PAN Communications, an integrated, data-driven marketing and PR firm for B2B technology and healthcare brands, today announced the launch of its new website and branding. The updates support PAN’s positioning as a global brand-to-demand agency forged in PR while capturing a more personable, modern and innovative new look and feel.  
PAN’s new branding reaffirms the company’s commitment to meeting client and employee needs for a strategic, creative partner that understands their growth goals. PAN’s new messaging also drops the use of “Communications” colloquially from the brand’s name, aligning more closely with a demonstrated market desire for truly integrated, impactful storytelling across marketing and PR. 
In a survey of clients’ top marketing and PR priorities for 2024, PAN found that, overwhelmingly, B2B tech and healthcare brands are looking to tell a cohesive, data-driven story throughout the buyer-to-customer journey to drive brand awareness and a deeper connection to demand efforts.  PAN meets these needs with unified, yet persona-tailored, messaging and storytelling grounded in real-world impact. By becoming a true extension of clients’ teams, PAN’s experts bring targeted, strategic and creative ideas to life, helping brands stand out in the hearts and minds of key decision-makers at companies within their ideal customer profiles. 
“When you look at what’s going on in the world of marketing and PR, brands and their leadership teams want to work with partners that are fresh, nimble and full of energy — partners that can connect the dots between brand awareness, demand acquisition and growth,” said PAN’s Chief Marketing Officer Mark Nardone. “The look and feel of our website and brand refresh speak to these attributes by being harmonized yet modern and provocative. We’re showcasing our agency’s personality today, both from a PAN people perspective and from the vantage point of the clients we represent. We are not an agency that just sits still. We continue to evolve, innovate, execute, be held accountable, be measured, be agile. That’s what creating possibilities is all about!” 
The brand refresh comes ahead of PAN’s upcoming 30th anniversary and emphasizes the agency’s commitment to clients via an integrated, data-driven marketing and PR approach. Composed of expert storytellers, data strategists, leading marketers and powerful creatives, the agency effectively delivers captivating messages to today’s audiences in the rapidly changing digital realm. PAN transforms challenger brands into industry leaders through its teams’ advanced marketing and PR knowledge and its ability to pivot to help brands meet the moment.

“When I think about where we are in our PAN journey as it relates to the brand, I love that our CMO directed our marketing and creative teams to take a big-picture look at who we are as an agency,” said PAN President and Chief Executive Officer Philip A. Nardone. “We’ve been learning, growing and adapting PAN over the past nearly 30 years and it was important to me to showcase PAN as the modern, hot agency we are. This refreshed brand showcases that while propelling us into the next generation of the company.” 
PAN’s expertise in B2B marketing and PR for healthcare, technology, security, enterprise software and other key verticals continues to drive new brands to the company. Recent account wins include industry-leading companies such as Vercara, CivicPlus and Powin. This year alone, PAN has received several award recognitions as a testament to its quality of work, including being named the 2024 Data-Driven Agency of the Year in PRovoke Media’s Innovation (In2) SABRE Awards and placing as a finalist for PRovoke Media’s 2024 North American SABRE Awards, based on campaign work for clients Jobber, Qualtrics and Venti

This release originally appeared on Accesswire. 

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