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Content Fitness Test: How is Your Content Shaping up to Take on 2017?

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Author: Mark Nardone, Chief Marketing Officer at PAN Communications, headshot
Mark NardoneChief Marketing Officer

Every year, we ask our fellow modern marketers to fill out a short quiz that answers questions surrounding the state of their content marketing. What pain points are you experiencing? What trends are you hoping to capitalize on? What are your content priorities for the year? While our questions may change slightly from year to year depending on the state of content marketing, we can ultimately see trends grow and form an educated analysis of where we are collectively headed.

Last year, we surveyed more than 100 marketing professionals and produced a report full of fascinating trends, obstacles and priorities. From content personalization to a lack of confidence in content measurement – we uncovered it all.

Download the full 2016 report here:

Will these trends hold true in 2017 or will new trends evolve due to customer demand and insight? Last year, 64 percent of marketers stated that their content was tailored to their customers’ needs – have we collectively gotten better at connecting with our customers through our content? Or are we so pressured to churn out new content that we’ve lost sight of our buyer personas?

Help us reveal the state of content marketing in 2017 and you could win an Apple Watch by simply answering a few multiple-choice questions!

Stay tuned as we take your answers into an analysis stage which will lead us to the development of our annual Content Fitness Report to help you and your company prioritize and stay ahead of content marketing trends.

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