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How are you feeling about the connectivity of your content?

Mark Nardone

When was the last time you thought about your customer? Was it when you were first creating a marketing plan or yesterday during a new quarter revamp? In a recent survey, 60% of marketers stated they had no to very little understanding of what the best practices are for their own buyer persona development. Our latest eBook, “How to Master Buyer Personas for Business” helps demonstrate the value of audience segmentation while ensuring your content is connecting at the right time, right place and across the right device. 

Compiling data, analyzing and segmenting your target audience is a primary marketing practice and should be completed before conquering any top-of-the-funnel content. Developing personas is essentially the key to creating any customer journey because it leads to an exceptional experience, which in turn increases sales, builds brand equity and fuels loyalty and advocacy efforts.

Keeping personas up-to-date is critical when delivering targeted content. Modern Marketers are known for tailoring their content and messaging to meet the needs of their buyer’s journey, but you can’t do this effectively if you don’t know who they are. For example, it’s not enough anymore to just have ‘millennial’ as a persona because it tee’s up broad content that’s not going to appeal to anyone. Instead, get more specific in terms of pain points, behaviors, profession, etc. This forces creators of content to narrow down what the audience’s specific obstacle might be so that they can help solve the problem with valuable insight, expertise and direction.

Marketing teams must be prepared to go in-depth with each persona in order to not only shape the content that you are creating for each target but also determine the variety of content they should be receiving. Whether they are the decision maker or part of the team that evaluates and influences, serving up personalized content most relevant to their role will help ensure a positive brand experience and lead to increased sales.

So, how do you take personas off the back burner and revitalize them? It’s about turning them into real people and incorporating their DNA into every piece of content you and the team produce – from blog posts and eBooks to videos and infographics. The most important part of this stage is realizing that personas will continue to evolve throughout their journey so don’t take your eyes off their experience, and be sure to stay on top of each micro moment or you’ll risk missing a valuable intersection of engagement.  Telling a story is important, but who’s going to listen if it’s the wrong message?

Download our eBook here and let’s continue the conversation @markcnardone. With so much content being produced, there’s no better time to be smart with the approach.

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