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Client Spotlight: Artec 3D

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Sean WelchDirector

What do Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Tyrannosaurus Rex named Trix, President Obama and a Dutch Navy ship have in common? They have all been digitized using Artec 3D professional handheld scanners. Artec 3D is a world-renowned manufacturer of 3D hardware and software. Its industry-leading technology is used across many diverse verticals, including healthcare, entertainment, manufacturing, historical preservation, education, and more, to create ultra-high-quality 3D scans of almost any object.

3D scanning is finding a place to improve processes within virtually any industry. That’s one of the most wonderful aspects of working with a client like Artec – you never know what exciting project will pop up next. Take for instance our most recent media outreach campaign which delved into animal conservation. Thanks to Artec’s 3D scanners, an alligator that had lost his tail was able to be fitted with a perfectly-customized prosthetic tail. With his new tail in place, Mr. Stubbs, as he was appropriately named, can now swim again.

These stories, however, do not get traction on their own. Rather, it takes a targeted media strategy and the art for storytelling to drive awareness for these unique projects and bring them to life within the media.

With a timely media relations program at play, Artec has garnered regular coverage in top mainstream publications, such as Forbes, CNBC, The Verge, Entrepreneur, Digital Trends, National Geographic, and Inc. In fact, reaching the right audience at the right time has proven to be so effective that Artec has even seen its projects go viral, as was the case with a recent case study where 3D scanning and virtual reality were used to create virtual cadavers. In total, Artec has received nearly 150 pieces of coverage featuring its technology just this year.

Artec 3D is an international company that is driving the possibilities of 3D scanning and the numerous industries it can be applied to while always pushing the boundaries of innovation.


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