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Back to The Agency of the Future: What The Future of Work Means for The Future of PR

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Abbey ClarkSenior Media Relations Manager
PR and Marketing Agency of the Future

The media is buzzing with the term “the future of work.” When unpacking what the future of work looks like, it’s important to note that for PR pros, the future starts now. When we think about “the future of work” for our clients, it often involves innovative technologies such as automation, new roles and responsibilities to adapt to new standards, etc. These changes illustrate our clients’ desires and ambitions to grow and stay relevant in competitive industries; coincidentally, helping our clients stay relevant is perhaps the most integral part of our jobs.

As we brainstorm ways to elevate our clients and search for opportunities to showcase how they are adapting to these global shifts, it’s essential to reflect on how PR workplaces are following suit. It’s a necessity for any PR agency to continue evolving to meet clients’ needs and adapt to new methodologies and demands if they want to stay relevant, as well. To effectively prepare clients for the future of work, it’s first important to be equipped internally as “an agency of the future…”

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Measuring Success

Quantifying PR efforts and creating useful data sets for our clients to leverage is an essential piece of being an “agency of the future.” While PR pros pride themselves on being creative wordsmiths, precision and measurement are some of the most important ways agencies can set themselves up for future success. Measurement is proof of concept – it allows our clients to set benchmarks, goals and scale across their organizations. Internally, it allows PR teams to analyze what’s working and, most importantly, what’s not working when it comes to a particular campaign. The second piece of measurement is to listen to what metrics are most useful for clients. Crafting dashboards and utilizing superfluous tools that don’t support these needs is a waste of time, effort and investment.

Embracing Change

Media takes on many forms. Media is far-reaching, and today people consume media on a countless number of mediums and devices. As a result, we need to be sensitive to our clients’ expectations for visibility across these various types of media. As an “agency of the future,’” it’s essential to attract the talent and skillsets and create the roles necessary to assist with these client demands. Recruitment marketing and the incorporation of integrated roles will also help to train traditional media savvy employees. As an agency’s internal capabilities grow, their clients’ messaging is only underscored.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

PR pros not only have to be informed of the latest in their own industries, they are expected to be in the know of the latest in their client’s industries as well. For example, at PAN we like to keep up to date on the latest B2B tech and healthcare trends to ensure our clients are at the forefront of industry conversations. Working in a client-services business, PR pros need to do everything in their power to help their clients stay on the cutting edge. This means being consumers of media in the arenas their clients play. Staying agile, knowledgeable and flexible is key.

While trends come and go, our purpose as PR pros stays the same: We are storytellers, communicators and, most recently, future tellers. Learn more about our approach to integrated marketing and PR below.

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